10 Kinds Of Jewelry That Can Help You Read A Person Like An Open Book

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Did you know that the kind of jewelry you choose to wear reveals a lot about who you are as a person? Just like how you pick your clothes and shoes according to your personality, you also choose your jewelry according to the person you are. How bizarre is that! Here in this article are a few kinds of jewelry that will help you understand what kind of person the wearer is. Read on to learn more about them!

1. Playful Accessories

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It’s safe to assume that those who choose charms, pendants and earrings made in the shape of plastic toys, and other childlike objects still harbor some youthful playfulness deep inside themselves. They like company and revel in the limelight. Therefore they are gregarious and outgoing people. These people are always willing to give a helping hand and put on their biggest smiles while getting along with others.

2. Vintage Jewelry

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Anyone who values antique jewelry is perceived to be trustworthy and diligent. These individuals respect precedent and adhere to established norms of conduct. They tend to be serious and even severe about things. The only problem these individuals could have is needing help appreciating the moment. If you are a person who loves antique jewelry, make sure you preserve them right when you are not wearing them. If the hinges feel loose or the welding is wearing off, you need to get it repaired before wearing it out again.

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Logos on jewelry function as a means of symbolic expression. Individuals who like branded items exhibit a strong identification with the brand. Because most designers utilize their own visual language, the message is readily discernible in its intended form. Jewelry with logos is a popular choice among those who want to make a statement about themselves.

4. Silver Jewellery

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Silver jewelry signifies someone isn’t trying to show off their wealth. Not having something to boast about, they don’t. People who want to adorn themselves with silver are strong individuals who value individuality and enjoy the beauty that nature provides. Besides, they have a charm of their own. Trinkets made from silver metal give a boho feel that we can’t resist.

5. Sparkling Jewelry

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People strive to boost their confidence, social standing, and overall attractiveness by adorning themselves with flashy jewelry. Studies have shown that glossy displays are more appealing to the human eye. In addition, some psychologists argue that our inherent need to hunt out water, the most precious resource, explains our fascination with bright, attractive things. This is probably why we are all fascinated by things that glitter.

6. Natural Stone Jewels

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Natural stone jewelry and jewelry crafted from wood, shells, and other organic materials are popular among outgoing and communicative individuals. All things natural and organic are highly valued by them. They are simple and down to earth. They are the kind of people you want in your life.

7. Bold Accessories

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These people are attention-seekers and extroverts, constantly seeking acclaim. They are creative, daring, and logical thinkers. They have an open mind and readily embrace change, so they can take advantage of any new changes that come their way.

8. Handmade Jewelry

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Handmade jewelry gives the buyer the satisfaction of knowing they have something unique. In addition, they feel like themselves when they wear these trinkets.

9. Amulets

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Some famous examples of amulets and sacred symbols are the hamsa and the evil eye. A piece of jewelry with such marks highlights the wearer’s social standing and provides insight into their inner self. In addition, these ornaments represent a person’s progress through introspection and enlightenment.

10. Piercings

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In recent years, ear piercings—specifically lobe piercings—have skyrocketed in popularity. Wearing many earrings at once is a telltale sign that one is an organizer. They never forget an appointment since they diligently keep track of it on their calendar and never deviate from it.

Who would have known that the kind of jewelry you choose also showcases your personality. Also, every piece of jewelry needs a different type of care, so you must attend to that carefully. Make sure you keep them out of moisture if they have a coating that can fade away. Invest in a good jewelry box coated with velvet to extend the shine and life of your jewelry. So what is the piece of jewelry you own that you absolutely love? Let us know in the comments section!

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