7 Korean Skincare Routine Tips That Are A Gem For Busy People

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Even before K-pop was a hit around the globe, the Korean beauty industry had taken the world by surprise. From glass skin to 10 step skincare routine, they have shown us exactly what we need to do to keep our skin flawless and youthful for the longest time. Our skin deserves pampering, and using the incorrect skincare routine might harm the skin. While most of us reach for expensive products thinking they are better, the truth is far from it. Here in this article are some tips inspired by Korean skincare routines that are effective and ideal even if you have the busiest schedule. Read on to know them all!

1. Wash Your Face With Plain Water In The Morning

Wash Your Face With Plain Water In The Morning

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Contrary to popular opinion, you should not wash your face more than twice a day. Skincare experts warn us against using a cleanser more than twice a day, even a mild one, as it might be too much for the skin. After waking up in the morning, all your skin needs is plain water. Keep in mind, certain skincare items like sleeping masks and gel patches can be worn while you rest. However, it’s important to remember to remove any traces of makeup and dirt from your face before applying your regular skincare routine on your skin. Not doing so will clog the residue particles in your pores and give way to more pimples.

2. Avoid Using A Face Mask Everyday

Avoid Using A Face Mask Everyday

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No matter how herbal and refreshing your face mask is, don’t overuse it. It’s best to limit mask use to not more than twice a week. Frequent use may be tolerated only by those with extremely oily skin. Every night, before bed, you may use a moisturizing mask because that’s the only kind of mask you can safely use every day. However, if you feel the face masks are making your face feel dry in the morning, it’s best to further limit the use of masks on your skin.

3. Rehydrate Your Skin After Exfoliating Your Skin

Rehydrate Your Skin After Exfoliating Your Skin

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After exfoliation, the skin should be immediately hydrated, according to Korean beauty experts. As you age, your estrogen levels naturally decline, necessitating increased use of skin-moisturizing treatments. Dermatologists recommend using products including ingredients like honey, rose water, hyaluronic acid, & Vitamin E to help the skin retain moisture.

4. You Can Use One Facial Cream For The Whole Face

You Can Use One Facial Cream For The Whole Face

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When it comes to face creams, in most cases, less is more. According to Korean skincare experts, it’s best to limit the number of facial creams you use. While most of us believe in using separate creams for eyes, forehead, cheeks, and skin, it will only complicate your skincare and may even give way to pimples. It’s best to invest in one good face cream and use it to moisturize the whole face. So if you have been using multiple creams on your face with no visible results, it’s best to stop investing in so many products. A cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and face mask are all your skin needs.

5. Make Use Of Anti-Pollution Skin Care Products

Make Use Of Anti-Pollution Skin Care Products

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The anti-pollution mask is a popular skincare product among Koreans because of its practicality in today’s society, especially in busy cities. Anti-pollution masks containing matcha or charcoal are one option to go for. Almond milk masks are great for those with sensitive skin. No matter how much you try, you can’t shield your skin from the dust and soot that your skin collects all day. By using an anti-pollution mask, you can pull out the toxins from your skin at the end of the day so your pores don’t get jammed by the debris and you are free from rashes and pimples.

6. Use Double Masks On Your Skin

Use Double Masks On Your Skin

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By now you must have realized that the skin around your eyes is sensitive and requires special care. Using an eye patch while wearing a face mask has been recommended by Korean beauty experts to prevent the drying of the delicate skin around the eyes. Double masking does have its advantages, and it will keep your eyes from getting puffy or dry. Make sure you read on the label of your package to see how long you should keep the patch on to avoid drying or irritating the skin.

7. Use Gel Based Eye Cream As A Primer

Use Gel Based Eye Cream As A Primer

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If you know this one trick, the skin around your eyes may appear more awake and revitalized, and your concealer will apply more evenly. Gel or water-based eye lotions are recommended for everyday skincare. Using this might be an effective means of minimizing under-eye circles. It has the additional benefit of leaving your skin smooth and matte.

So now that you know the secrets behind flawless Korean skin, nothing can keep you from having glowing and youthful skin. Make sure you keep hydrated and limit your sugar intake. The more you eat vegetables and fruits, the better your skin will glow. So, which of these tricks did you already know? Let us know in the comments section!


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