10 Biggest Lies We Tell Our Parents

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Admit it. We’ve all lied to our parents many times. Don’t you agree that the innocent puppy face paired with a big fat lie is the best life-saver there is? It doesn’t matter if your 13 or 30, you’ll still lie to your mom and dad when you know they’re going to kick your butt. It’s almost like a reflex and some of us have been blessed with the talent of lying. If you think about it, lying isn’t an easy task. You know your parents aren’t stupid and you know that if you get caught you’ll be in double threat — first for getting them mad at you and then for lying about it. But somehow, you come up with lies that are conveniently “truthful” and your parents will have to let you off the hook, even if it stinks fishy.

Now, some of these lies are cult classics are and used by kids all over the world. If you’ve been telling around that you’re a 100 percent honest man/woman, you’d probably want to change your mind after reading the below list. So here we go! Presenting to you some of the best and biggest lies that we all tell or have told our parents.

1. “He’s Just My Friend”


No matter how good we are at hiding our dating life from our parents, they can smell it like a bloodhound. And if they know that you’ve been hanging out with a guy for quite a long time, and they catch you off guard, “friendship” is the only way out of that bear trap.

2. “I’m Going Out For Group Study”


Yeah, right! As if you really did a lot of group studying *ROFL* Group studies actually mean endless chat with friends, eating a lot of junk food, and maybe watching a nice movie (Unless it is the night before the exam).

3. “Most Of The Questions Were Out Of The Syllabus”


Well, the questions are out of the syllabus once in a blue moon. But your mom doesn’t know that, right? Thank god there are excuses like these that saved us from getting grounded.

4. “I Don’t Even Touch Alcohol”


To your parents, you might be a neat kid who doesn’t drink or smoke. But to your friends and the strangers at last week’s party, you’re someone who can drink ten vodka shots in ten seconds. While some parents are okay with their children drinking (once they’re above 21) some others would totally go freaky. And if you’re from a typical Indian family, you’ll probably be taken to Babajis sitting under Peepal trees to get rid of the alcoholic monster that has possessed your body.

5. “So What If The Dress Is Revealing? I’ll Wear A Jacket Over It”


The most irritating thing when we go out for shopping with our parents is that they’ll find everything revealing. Even sleeveless tops are inappropriate for some parents and you feel like they might be happy seeing you draped in a bedsheet. Promising them to wear a jacket over the dress is the only way you’ll get to buy that dress. And once you’re out of their vicinity, the jacket is folded safely and buried in the bag.

6. “Arghhh! I Have A Bad Stomach Ache”


This is one of the oldest techniques to get out of going to school. You either have a bad stomach ache or you feel like you’re going to get a fever. And once your parents buy it, you can spend the whole day on the couch watching cartoon and not get shouted at by your teacher for sleeping in the class.

7. “There Will Be Other Girls On The Trip”


If you’re a girl you’d know how difficult it is to convince your parents so that you can go on trips with your friends. Especially if there are guys in your group, your parents are going to be suspicious. This is a lie that comes handy in such situations.

8. “On My Way Home! It’s The Traffic”


This is a white lie that we all use when we’re late to get home. It’s the only time you’ll be thankful for “traffic jams.” You might be telling your mom that you’re on the way but you would still moo around like a lazy cow for a while and then leave. If anyone’s to blame, it’s the traffic!

9. “Yes, Mom! I Shower Every Day”


Let’s face it, not all of us shower every day. Some of us believe in deodorants and perfumes more than a bucket of water and soap. But if your mom gets to know that this is what you do, you’ll be getting a piece of her mind for sure.

10. “I Need Money To Pay The Exam Fee”


Many students take advantage of their exams to get extra pocket money from their parents. Exams suck and make you do a lot of hard work — so, you might as well make some money out of it *evil smirk*!

These are just a few of the epic lies that we’ve told old parents and continue telling them. While we get away most of the time, it’s not always because our parents are stupid. Sometimes our excuses are so hilarious that they just can’t punish us. Are you good at lying to your parents? What’s your best line? Share it with us in the comments below.

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