12 Life Hacks That Will Help You Through Any Situation

By Emaan Shah

Life hacks are a boon to mankind, and I’m here to spread the love.

To be fair, not all helpful life hacks are created equal. Some are quick and ingenious answers to daily life dilemmas that you’ve persistently wracked your brains trying to solve. Others, meanwhile, are the unexpected, miraculous solutions to problems you didn’t even know you were plagued with because, well, that’s how accustomed we have become to the pains and aches of being simple mortals.

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Touché Harry Potter, touché.

Fact is, life is too short to waste agonizing over unequally heated microwave meals or mistakenly inserting the left earphone in your right (Cue montage of painful memories with sad background music).

You don’t need to live this way anymore.

The following 12 life hacks have been specially curated to make you, like the naked hysterical Archimedes, who cracked the theory of density in his bath, instantly scream Eureka!

1. Door Keeps Latching? Well, It Won’t Anymore.

 Take a thick rubber band and twist it into the shape of the number 8. Fasten it around the inside and outside doorknob and boom! You’ve just proved yourself to be a ‘hands down genius.’

2. Tired Of Holding Up Your iPhone To Watch Videos? Don’t Worry, We Got You.

 Why invest in a fancy phone stand when your reading glasses can do the trick? Keep the glasses upside down, so the temple sticks curve up. Your simple yet ‘oh so smart’ phone stand is ready

3. Rain Wrecking Havoc On Your Favorite Shoes? No More Tears.

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 Rub beeswax on your canvas shoes. Then, use a blow dryer to work it into the shoes. Bravo! You have just made your comfy canvas shoes rainproof.

4. Ironing Formal Shirts But Buttons Getting In The Way? Try This Awesome Solution.

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 Ironing a button-up shirt posing a problem? Don’t stress over it. Simply flip it inside out and iron it in a jiffy.

5. Sick of Wet, Dripping Garbage? You Will LOVE This!

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 Don’t you just hate the sight of those drippy, wet, sticky garbage bags? Save yourself the horror by putting an old newspaper right at the bottom of your bin. The paper will absorb all the liquidy stuff that trickles down and creates the mess.

6. Can’t Tell The Difference Between Good And Bad Batteries? Well, Now You Can.

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 Bounce it, baby! Find out if the batteries are working or not by dropping them on a table from a 6-inch distance. If the bounce is small and they fall right over, they are good to use. If they bounce more, they are no good.

7. Sick of Bending Over Cookbooks That Inevitably Get Food On Them? Try This Cookbook Holder Hack!

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 If you’ve ever baked a cake with that trusty old (Insert Number) Generic Recipes your mother gifted you last Diwali, then you’re probably familiar with this particular woe. You need the instructions at eye level, not under the million ingredients you’ve unwittingly scattered! Even worse, somehow your cookbook ends up with more flour and butter stains than the cake.

End your misery by simply using a pant hanger! Open the book to the desired page and clip on the hanger. Now, simply hang your book from a cupboard shelf and read blissfully as you simultaneously cook.

8. Can’t Tell Your Right Earphone From Your Left? End Your Misery Now.

 Probably a pet peeve for most millennials, there is nothing – simply NOTHING more aggravating than being late for work (again) and jamming in the wrong earphones as you commute. When you get it wrong, it just somehow seems to set the tone for the rest of your day.

End this cycle by gently knotting your left earphone like in the picture above. This way you’ll know your left from right with a simple glance!

9. Need An iPhone Speaker, But You’re Just Too Broke? Then, Simply DIY It!

9. Need An iPhone Speaker, But You're Just Too Broke Then, Simply DIY It!

 When you don’t have enough money to fix your cracked screen, the last thing you can afford is a fancy speaker. This simple yet brilliant iPhone speaker hack will make your favorite music numbers sound so much better. Try it to believe it! And once it’s done, how about a quick celebratory dance? Just saying.

10. Forgot To Let Your Drink Chill In The Freezer? Don’t Hate Yourself, Try This.

 The self-hate you suffer when you realize you forgot to let your beer chill in the fridge is truly something else. However, instead of waiting for an hour or so in guilt and misery, simply swathe your drink in wet tissue papers and pop them in the freezer. They will be ice cold in under ten minutes!

11. Sick Of Eating Half-Hot, Half-Cold Microwave Meals? Here’s The Solution.

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 A true first world problem. You heat your dinner in the microwave, and (surprise, surprise) one-half is scalding hot while the other could rival the icebergs of Antarctica.

End this cycle by simply taking a spoon to the center of your plate and pushing your food to the sides till you create a circle of food-free space in the middle. Pop it in the microwave and – voila! Every bite comes out consistently warm.

12. Tired Of Painstakingly Peeling The Shells Of Boiled Eggs? This Will CHANGE Your LIFE!

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 A part of me is convinced that laboriously peeling a vat of boiled eggs must have surely been used as a torture device in the medieval times. If you’re an egg enthusiast who truly dreads the task of peeling, well, fear no more! Simply add a tablespoon of baking soda to the pot of boiling eggs and watch how the shells slip off almost magically once cooled!

Definitely eureka-screaming-worthy hacks, weren’t they? Oh, don’t you dare lie, we can just picture you right now…

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You’re so welcome.

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