8 Makeup Fads That Are Slowly Getting Outdated

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Just like clothing trends, makeup trends also keep changing with time. Remember how we used to puff our hair at the crown to make the face look slender? Or how we added glitter to almost every makeup product we owned? Well, they might sound cringe now, but they were very trendy a few years ago. And as the trends keep shifting, even things we follow today are going to look really silly a few years down the line. Here in this article are some popular makeup trends we followed recently that are slowly getting outdated. Read on to know them all!

1. Dark Lipstick

Dark Lipstick
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For the longest time, people preferred dark lipsticks over natural colors like pink and red. However, this preference is now beginning to fade. Lipsticks in rosy and coral tones are gradually replacing their more dramatic and deep colors. They are unfussy and may be worn in both casual and formal settings. If you are a person who can carry the bold dark look, we are not going to ask you to change it, but with the makeup trends shifting towards a simple and natural look, you can keep a natural lip color handy.

2. Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes
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The smokey eye makeup hasn’t faded in popularity since the 2010s. Black eye shadow was the starting point for this trend, but soon various colors and glitter were added to it. The trend currently, though, is toward eye shadows with more colors and glitter. Once again, technicolor lids are trending, giving their wearers a striking, individual look. The biggest downside of a smokey eye look is that it gives you a very mature look which will immediately add more years to your face. Since the trends are shifting towards a simple and natural look, we should leave smokey eyes in the past.

3. Matte Makeup

Matte Makeup
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The good news is you no longer need to be careful about applying foundation and powder to ensure that all your pores are concealed. A chalky masked appearance is often left on the face while using matte makeup which makes it obvious that you are wearing makeup. Nowadays, individuals prefer makeup-free, bare-skin looks. To complete their look, they use a sheer layer of highlighter to make their skin look radiant and natural.

4. Spider Eyelashes

Spider Eyelashes
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Spider lashes are an unintended consequence of using mascara, but RiRi has made them look fashionable. Makeup lovers keep trying new hues near the eyes even though the current trend is for more natural looks overall. Mascara with unusual hues, such as royal purple, electric blue, and forest green, is becoming increasingly fashionable.

5. Overdrawn Lips

Overdrawn Lips
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Using a lip pencil is a simple way to achieve bigger lips than they are. However, as more and more individuals seek to appreciate their natural beauty, large lips are becoming less and less fashionable. Glossy lips are popular now because they are simple and can make even the most mature looking person look sweet and innocent.

6. Foxy Eye Makeup

Foxy Eye Makeup
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Recently, a fad with slightly tilted eyes spread over social media, but as many others imitated it, the look received heavy criticism. For this reason, graphic eyeliners are currently trending worldwide. Bright and bold hues like white, blue, and yellow can help anyone make a bold statement and distinguish themselves from the crowd.

7. Contouring

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Ask any devotee of cosmetics, and they will tell you how important contouring is for a perfect makeup look. We are not against contouring, but the fact that people are scared to show their skin without four layers of makeup on it needs to go. No one is perfect, and sometimes your flaws make you look even prettier. So now is the time you flaunt your mole and freckles and be confident in your skin without any contouring.

8. Thin Eyebrows

Thin Eyebrows
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Trimming eyebrows is not something Gen Z came up with; in fact, eyebrows have been thrown into various fashion trends, including removing them completely and redrawing them, for ages. But in the past decades trimming eyebrows into thin lines was the fad. This was done through plucking, trimming, and even waxing. However, none of them were painless. Thankfully, now people like natural eyebrows, and the fuller the better. So, if you have bushy brows and have been undergoing painful salon treatments just to fit in with trends, your misery ends here! Flaunt your eyebrows the way they are!

Makeup trends are ever-changing, and what might seem perfect now will look super cringy in the next decade! But with things like makeup, you should follow your instincts and choose what looks good on you. So, what kind of makeup is your personal favorite? Let us know in the comments section!

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