Makeup Trends To Try According To Your Zodiac Sign

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We all are different from one another, right? But occasionally we meet people who agree with us on certain things and also have similar tastes. If you are someone who believes in astrology and signs, you’d know that all the people in this world can be grouped into 12 zodiac signs. These groups have a few exclusive characteristics of their own and these traits are quite evident in many people if you have the eyes to look for them. Most of us know that these traits have more to do with your likes and dislikes, the way you handle situations, your behavior towards other people, and your core beliefs. But did you know that there are certain makeup trends that you like a little more than the rest and this can also be influenced by your zodiac sign? Read on to check if it’s true for you or not.

1. Aries

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Aries is a fiery sign and people born under this sign are bold and brave. A smooth and spotless base with some bold red lipstick is what will go best with your personality. Your makeup choices are quite straight-forward just like you and you hardly ever change your mind about them. Another reason why you’re drawn towards this color is that you have a passionate character with deep emotions, just like red.

2. Taurus

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Taurus is an earthy sign and people who belong to this sign like to keep it cool and subtle. For the very same reason, you like neutral colors that look natural like khakis and browns. Just like your personality that stays real and alert, your makeup also looks believable and not something that’s overdramatic.

3. Gemini

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Geminis are very charming and outgoing. They never shy away from meeting new people and experimenting with their likes and dislikes. They aren’t quite into stability and they love to explore new things in life. The same way, Geminis love to try new types of makeup including bright colors and the dull ones.

4. Cancer

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Cancerians have a very classy taste and they like to keep it simple most of the time. If you are a Cancerian, you’d probably like light shades of pink the most. Since your ruling planet is the moon, you can take some inspiration from it and use a bit of silver eyeshadow.

5. Leo

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This is again another bold sign and they love drama! If you are a Leo, you don’t mind letting people know that you have makeup on. Dramatic eye makeup like smokey eyes is totally your thing. Also, you are very confident about carrying any look and you don’t care about the uninvited suggestions and opinions of others.

6. Virgo

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Virgos like to keep it practical and problem-free. You like light makeup and you are pretty even without any makeup. However, your sense of style is impeccable and you know how to change your regular makeup style when you need to turn some heads around and grab some attention.

7. Libra

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If your zodiac sign is Libra, you don’t mind to play with colors and experiment when it comes to makeup. However, you stick to one particular type because that’s what you like the most. Shades of pink or shades of brown are apt for you, and you can pick them up according to the shape of your lips and your skin tone.

8. Scorpio

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You love dark and sultry makeup which is why you love to add a lot of extra drama to your eyes. You’ll either have well-done eyes or a bright lipstick that will highlight your features.

9. Sagittarius

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The makeup aspirations of people under this sign cannot be tamed, just like their usual character. They are bold in their approach towards makeup and you’ll find unique patterns, designs, and colors on their faces and in their clothes.

10. Capricorn

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People born under Capricorn love stability and warmth. They’d usually stick to a certain type of makeup, mostly with warm undertones. And they do not want to throw away their style and comfort space in order to experiment on something new. However, these people have a very charming personality and makeup is probably the last thing you’ll notice about them.

11. Aquarius

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Aquarians love attention which is why they’ll also go for bold colors and makeup that will give them what they want. If you are an Aquarian, you probably like to highlight your eyes and jawline the most.

12. Pisces

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Associated with the ocean, women born under Pisces are mermaids at heart. This is why you’d find yourself attracted to hues of blue if you’re born under this zodiac sign. Also, you like the pearlish silver glow rather than a soft pink or a golden highlight.

Zodiac sign predictions aren’t always right and you’ve got to read this article with a pinch of salt. What is your zodiac sign and are these makeup predictions true for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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