7 Life-Changing Makeup Tricks Every Girl Should Know

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There’s probably nothing more satisfying in a fabulous girl’s life than starting her day with the knowledge that her makeup is 100% on fleek, baby! Unfortunately, there’s always something that’s… not perfect. Perhaps you’ve perpetually wondered how to flaunt longer lashes that remain perfectly curled till the evening. Or, maybe, it’s the horror of uneven winged eyeliner that gives you nightmares. Whatever may be the case, here are our top 7 tips that every modern girl who takes pride in her makeup must know. Some you may already be familiar with, some you may thank us for later. Read on to revolutionize your makeup routine!

1. Getting A Flawless Foundation

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If it’s luminous, spot-free, and Instagram filter-worthy skin you’re after (well, who isn’t?), then scoring a perfect 10 on the foundation application is the key, sister. Ensure that you use a primer to make the oily, patchy areas on your face appear matte. Next, take a bit of foundation on your beauty blender (remember to not go overboard!) and apply onto your face.

Blending is everything, folks, when it comes to creating a smooth, even, and flawless foundation base.So, ensure you don’t lazily skimp on this step. Put some extra focus on your T-zone, as the eyes are right beside this area.

If you happen to have any blemishes, redness or zits, use a color corrector. Apply a concealer over these spots, over your foundation, using a brush. Finish with a setting powder and blend with your brush to lock in your flawless face for the rest of the day!

2. Lifting Downturned Eyes

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In order to achieve upturned, beautiful eyes, imagine an invisible line that extends from the outer point of your eyebrow onto the edge of your hairline or face. Now, imagine another invisible line that runs from the edge of your bottom lash line, upwards. The point where both your imaginary lines meet is where you’d ideally like your eyeliner to be angling towards. Always remember, you must never, ever, apply your eyelinerinside your eye – including the lash line. That’s a strict no-no.

3. Getting Luscious, Fuller Lips

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Invest in a lip liner that closely resembles the natural hue of your lips. As you draw around the peripheryof your lip outline, well, cheat a bit. Go just a slightly bit further in order to get that fuller lip look. Hold your pencil tilted slightly sideways, then blur the insides of your created line. Using a brush, blend in the pencil line.

Now, using a darker tint of lip liner, draw over only the outer corners of your lips. This will give you some contouring and contribute to the fuller lips illusion. Finish by applying some highlighter on your Cupid’s bow and onto the middle of your bottom lip.

4. Covering Up Those Pesky Dark Circles

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First of all, prime your under eyes with your fingers. Apply a concealer that’s just one shade lighter than the hue of your foundation in order to get a bright, highlighted effect. Next, gently seal with some powder using a brush. Finish by applying some highlighter powder on the line of your cheekbones, right below your under eye circles.

5. Getting Enviably Long Lashes

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Apply your black eyeliner right under and over your waterline for both your lower and upper lash lines. Remember to focus on your eyes’ outer corners. For your first coat of mascara, start from the base of your eyelashes, then proceed to brush sideways as you bring the wand up. When applying your second coat of mascara, repeat the previous step only upon your upper lids’ eyelashes. The final coat of mascara must only be applied to your eyelash tips.

Pro tip: Avoid any ugly clumps by using a small comb to brush through the length of your lashes.

6. Making Your Eyes Appear Bigger

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Always remember to prime your eyes if you want your eyeshadow to last through the day. Now, use an eyeshadow of a lighter shade right below your eyebrow, over your eyelids, and on the inner crease of your eye. Follow this with a warmer, darker shade of eyeshadow upon your eyelid creases. This will create the illusion of depth, making your eyes appear larger. Now, choose a medium shade of eyeshadow to apply immediately above that crease and immediately below your lower lids’ lash lines. While applying your mascara, remember to angle your lower lashes slightly more outward.

7. The Ultimate Winged Eyeliner Technique

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Sketch out the base for your eyeliner outline using an eye pencil. Ensure that the line is thin and keeps close to the lash line. Now, using a blending brush, go over your penciled line and carefully smudge it. Once you are at the wing point of the eyeliner, take the edge of a piece of paper and hold it against your eyes’ outer corners. Let this be your guideline for smudging the remaining eyeliner. Now, go over your eyeliner once again with a black or any dark eyeshadow. Use a blending brush to smudge it slightly outward.

Makeup isn’t a skill limited to professionals and beauty gurus on YouTube. Practice these stellar, perfect makeup tips and we guarantee you, you will be in selfie heaven thanks to your new makeup regime!

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