6 Makeup Tips To Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

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A bright set of pearly whites is another name for confidence. Imagine wearing the perfect outfit, stylish shoes, and perfect hairdo, but as soon as you smile, your lips reveal stained yellow teeth! Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? The problem is, human teeth are not naturally as sparkling white as they are exhibited in dental advertisements. But all of us would want to wear the perfect smile. So how do you make your teeth look whiter? Well, the secret lies in using your makeup in contrast so your teeth look whiter. Here in this article are some hacks to keep your pearly whites bright and beautiful! Read on to know them all.

1. Outline The Lips With A Neutral Tone

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A lip liner might be the most overlooked makeup product in your makeup kit, but wait till you hear how useful it can be! It may help to define the contours of your mouth to generate more dimension and make the hue of the lipstick linger longer. If you want your teeth to seem whiter, a nude-colored lip liner is a terrific choice. Your smile will be a lot brighter, and your jaw will appear defined. To apply it properly, begin by sketching your cupid’s arch. Connect each side of the arch up to the corners of your mouth. Now sketch the middle of the lower lip, and then continue the line on both ends. Lastly, color the remainder of the lips with lipstick with the same hue or one that is roughly 2 shades darker. You’ll be able to showcase a bright white smile now!

2. Use A Highlighter

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A highlighter is a makeup tool you can’t miss. It will assist you to highlight particular parts of your face to make it seem brighter. And of course, this includes your smile. You may apply it on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and the arch of your lips. If you desire to make the eyes seem a bit larger, you may apply a little quantity of highlighter within the inner rims of your eyes.

3. Get A Tanning Effect

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A bronzer may help you achieve a sun-kissed appearance, yet, it is not often recognized as an aid to whiten the appearance of your teeth. Instead opt for a matte highlighter so that your beautiful skin shines out and has a greater contrast with your teeth. Like a highlighter, it works best when applied to your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and Cupid’s arch. Obviously, you may apply bronzer to your entire face if you like a more uniform complexion. But be cautious not to overdo it, since then the tactic might backfire.

4. Add Emphasis To Your Eyes

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Sometimes the path to distracting people from your teeth is applying the appropriate eye makeup! Black eyeliner and plenty of mascara are required to successfully execute this technique. As for eyeshadows, aim for blue tones which will create greater contrast against your teeth & make the eyes stand out. Avoid orange-based hues, since they may make your teeth appear more yellowish.

5. Use Blue Lipstick

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Many makeup artists have been employing this trick to make celebrities’ smiles appear whiter. The secret to a brilliant, white grin may be picking lipsticks with bluish hues. If you like to be daring, you might even choose purple. You can use a cherry red with a blue foundation or a nude hue with brown or indeed fuchsia overtones for a more traditional look. All of these hues will juxtapose with your teeth to make them appear significantly whiter. Like with eye shadows, you should avoid orange and copper lipsticks since they will give your teeth a yellowish tint.

6. Use A Lot Of Lip Gloss

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Lip balm is the ideal tool for making the lips appear more vibrant and full. Moreover, it makes your teeth appear whiter. Before wearing lipstick, it is essential to hydrate your lips with a balm. Then, apply lipstick that has bluish undertones and a generous amount of gloss, especially in the center of your lips. By doing so, not only will your lips appear brighter, but so will your teeth.

So now that you know how to brighten your teeth, nothing can stop you from sporting a dashing, debonair smile. However, just because these tricks may help to brighten your smile, you should not exclude proper dental hygiene from your routine. You don’t have to whiten your teeth every now and then, but make sure you brush your teeth twice a day and reduce your number of coffee cups per day so they don’t stain your teeth. So which of these tricks do you think works best for you? Let us know in the comments section!

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