Zodiac Signs And Their Meaning Of Love

by Shivani K

To everybody out there, being in love, feeling loved, and spreading love is regarded as the most heartfelt emotion ever. It makes you happy like no other luxury in this world. Speaking of luxuries, to have found love in today’s manipulated world, it is indeed nothing less than a luxury. Why don’t we get to see or hear about love stories around us as much as our parents did during their time? Relationships and the emotions they come entwined with have become more complex in the present time, or let’s say complicated. Why is this the case? If you dig a little deeper, you’ll realize that it’s because we don’t understand the opposite person’s idea of love. Everybody has their definition of love — for some, it’s a need, for some it’s a sense of security, for many it’s the pure joy of being someone’s world. Whatever might be the case, to be able to love a person, one needs to understand what love is according to their partner. Now, how could we know about that? All of us certainly don’t hold a degree in psychology, right? We found a way! The answer lays in zodiac signs. Every zodiac sign has its own meaning of love. Read on to know more.

1. Aries


For those who belong to Aries, to love is to receive attention and to give the same completely to someone. When they love someone, they want to share the intimate side of themselves with their partner. They end up showing their most vulnerable side to the partner they love. They don’t encourage any walls between them and their lovers, they break them all down and show their naked soul out.

2. Taurus


For those who belong to Taurus, love is nothing but a definition of loyalty and trust. For them, it’s the little things, the little gestures that matter the most. And once they have given their heart out to you, they’re the ones who will stick with you till the end. They make for extremely loyal partners.

3. Gemini


For those who belong to Gemini, love translates to finding comfort and understanding with a person. Usually, this is how you feel with a best friend, which is why Gemini often end up falling in love with their best friends. Gemini peeps take time to fall in love, and when they do, they’ll never turn their back at you.

4. Cancer


For those who belong to Cancer, love simply means one word, “romance”. They are, in general, known to be very shy by nature. However, they are die-hard romantics. When they fall in love, their entire revolves around their SO. They are good listeners and will always keep calm no matter how long you bent out your frustration to them.

5. Leo


For those who belong to Leo, being in love is regarded as being on cloud nine. Having the symbol of a lion, they are very protective of their partners. They are independent, strong, and at the same time, they seek attention from their partners bigtime. They tend to hold a fragile heart and only yearn for tender care. If they’re given the care and love, they return the same back by a hundred folds more.

6. Virgo


For those who belong to Virgo, love is translated to stability in life. Going by their nature, Virgo souls are perfectionists, and they’ll be very picky while choosing to fall in love with someone. However, once they love a person, they’re going to shower the perfect love! Generally, Virgo souls get attracted to people who understand their perfectionism and know what they want.

7. Libra


For those who belong to Libra, devotion is the meaning of love. In the love world, they can be regarded as the most old-fashioned; meaning, that romantic candlelight dinner dates are what make them happy. They have a charismatic nature and that is precisely why they look for a partner with whom they can have a smooth romantic relationship.

Oh, and mind you, they are pretty flirty too!

8. Scorpio


For those who belong to Scorpio, love is all about passion. They like their love story to have intense drama, deep emotions. For them, love needs to be of both the attributes, physical and emotional. One advantage of dating a Scorpio is that they are the kind of people who’d readily sacrifice for their partners.

9. Sagittarius


For those who belong to Sagittarius, love means to solve a mystery and be adventurous with their partner. They seek to travel and all things exciting. Sagittarius is known to carry a heart so full of love and it’s ready to burst the moment they come across the right match to their love life. Your life can never be boring with them.

10. Capricorn


For those who belong to Capricorn, to be in love is to feel at home. They look for stability and affection in a relationship. They often give their hearts to people who are responsible, intelligent, and can maturely handle love. They will get into a relationship only when they are assured that it’s going to last for long.

11. Aquarius


For those who belong to Aquarius, love is all about having the right companionship. These are creative people who yearn for freedom in everything they do. They look for a partner who understands their lust for freedom and lets them be the way they want to be. At the same time, they let their partner also be free and do what the heart tells them.

12. Pisces


For those who belong to Pisces, love is a connection of two souls. This is the only zodiac sign that seems to be in love with the whole idea of falling in love. They don’t pay heed to outward beauty, it’s the beauty of the soul that matters to them. They are extremely tender and passionate lovers.

We hope the above explanation helps you understand the idea of love according to your partner better. Understanding each other’s views and opinions about love and relationships is what forms the foundation of an eternal bond. Happy loving everybody!

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