5 Things Men Want You To Tell Them Bluntly

by Shivani K

Gone are the days when men wanted their women to be very subtle and agree to whatever they say or ask. Thankfully, men’s way of thinking has evolved just like how time has. They look for a woman who’d walk hand in hand and be at equal levels with them in terms of career and in handling life.

As much as women folk are considered to be more emotional than men, they aren’t really vocal about their expectations. They quietly want surprises and love. But dear ladies, how will the men know what’s going on in your minds? Maybe with time, they’ll understand what your likes and dislikes are, but they’ll never get a clear cut idea about what you expect of them. And this can get frustrating for men. They want their ladies to tell them how they want to be loved, how they want to be pampered. To make you understand more regarding the same, here’s a list of five things that men want the ladies to tell them bluntly. Read on.

1. They Want To Know What’s Wrong


Raise your hands, dear ladies, if you’ve said “I’m fine” whenever you are not! We’re sure a majority of you are guilty of doing this. Your man knows that something’s wrong. He is beginning to think that it could be his fault. But what did he do to annoy you? What mistake did he commit that you’re behaving coldly, yet very fine towards him? It’s always a good idea dear ladies to be open about your problems. If he told you something that you didn’t like or got offended with, tell it out loud and clear to your man. He deserves to know about his mistakes. Keeping him in the dark might cause unnecessary mental stress for him, right? And if you really love him, you don’t want that, do you?

Letting your man know what’s troubling you will not just help him understand what mistake he has done, it will also end the fight between the two of you.

2. They Want To Know What Gifts You Want


Many women get disappointed by the gifts that are given by their SO (Significant Other). You even find their Bffs pacifying them for the same. But hello? Why get disappointed about it when your SO had absolutely no idea about what you were expecting as a gift in the first place, right? Poor thing (your SO), he at least put in some thought and effort to gift you something he thought was nice for you.

If you want to avoid this trouble of you feeling bad and your SO cracking his head thinking about your gift; we suggest that you pop some hints to your SO. This will help him know what you might be expecting as a gift. By just stating something, in general, will help him in figuring out the rest of the specifics of the gift. And this will work in favor of both of you.

3. They Want To Know About Your Plans


Nope, we’re not asking you to talk about your pregnancy plans on your very first date. But, if you’ve been seeing your man for a while, it’s better to talk to him about what you’re planning to do in life. This could revolve around your career, which state you want to settle in, whether you’re okay to take care of the house alone or need him to contribute to it too — all of it!

See, talking about these things is nothing but allowing your man and you to test the waves of compatibility. And we really think that you talk NOW and find out if he’s the right one for you or not. The sooner you get to know, the better!

4. They Want To Know What Worries You


You might be thinking that you’re being the great one by hiding your worries from him. What you don’t understand here is that by doing so you’re harming your relationship with him. The worry could be regarding your parents, his parents, your past, his past, or some of his habits. Whatever the worry might be, be blunt and open about it with your man. So, that when he knows, he’ll help shoo away the worry!

5. They Want To Know When You’re Angry


One thing that men have a really hard time with is finding out if their lady is angry or not. If you want to let the anger slide, then we have no issues with that. But let’s not forget that most of the men love wearing anger on their sleeve and they also expect their woman to do the same. Therefore, don’t hide your anger, let them know how angry you can get so that they know that they cannot mess with their women and get away with it that easily (winks).

We all know that being blunt is easy, therefore, be blunt for the good things in life — your love life! It will help keep the water clear and your love boat will sail forever!

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