10 Mistakes Most Of Us Make When Using A Blow-Dryer

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Let us all take some time to appreciate how easy and wonderful blow dryers have made our lives. You can style your hair the way you want, you can dry your hair quickly, and even set your hair after a new haircut. However, even though it seems relatively straightforward, there are many common mistakes people make with blow dryers that can cause your hair to dry out. Read on to know and avoid them all.

1. Using Only Hot Air For Drying Hair

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Most hair dryers may be switched to a cooler air flow setting. To keep your styling damage free, change it to a lower temperature setting. Moisture loss from the hair is reduced by the cooler air, extending the life of the natural curls. This is also a good approach to avoid the onset of split ends.

2. Choosing The Wrong Airflow Direction

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Blow-dry your hair in the direction, beginning at the roots and work your way out. Without proper care, the cuticle’s scales may expand, causing frizz and making knots more challenging to untangle. However, if you blow-dry your hair from root to tip, it will result in a more uniform sheen.

3. Holding The Blow Drier Incorrectly

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Many people naturally tend to hold a blow dryer with their dominant hand. However, it would be incorrect, as you’ll need the power and dexterity of that hand to properly style and distribute your hair. In addition, you’ll have more control over the process, and spend less time fussing with the comb.

4. Pulling The Hair Down

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The potential volume of your hair is lost if the hair is brushed and dried from the bottom up. To avoid this, grip the hair at the ends with a comb, and point the warm air stream in that direction. You will get voluminous hair with this method.

5. Holding The Blow Dryer Too Close To Your Head

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Holding the blow dryer too near your head might cause severe damage to the hair and scalp. The safe distance between the blow dryer & your head is 12 inches. When trying to quantify it, how do you do it? Simply stretch your arm out and hold your dryer at arm’s length.

6. Not Sectioning The Hair

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We commonly move the blow dryer backward and forth through the entire head of the hair to dry it. If you divide the hair into four or five sections and secure them with duckbill clips, you’ll save time and get better results. You may split your hair in two ways: vertically and horizontally.

7. Not Using Heat Protectants

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Individuals who utilize a blow dryer once per week or more frequently can benefit significantly from this advice. Protect your hair from the heat by using a thermal protector before styling. This product may be incorporated into your regular shampooing or used as a finishing touch after washing your hair.

8. Not Using The Correct Nozzle

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Nozzles for hair dryers can be metal, porcelain, or plastic. The first set allows for a more precise style, but metal tools get hotter and drier more quickly, increasing the risk of damage to your hair. Consequently, a metal nozzle is best saved for exceptional events, while a plastic and ceramic nozzle should be used for regular blow-drying.

9. Not Cleaning The Dryer

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Do you know how to clean the net on a hair dryer? It’s about time you do this because dirt is terrible for the gadget and your hair. The vents accumulate grime, dust, hair products, and other debris. All of them contribute to a rise in dryer temperature by reducing airflow. As a result, it may catch fire or stop working altogether at some point. Maintaining a clean blow dryer is essential. Clean it at least once a year if you only use it every week.

10. Drying Hair At Maximum Temperature

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Over drying causes hair to become brittle; therefore, avoiding this is essential. You should increase the temperature to its maximum only in special circumstances, such as when dealing with really tough curls or while attempting a particularly complex style. In all other circumstances, a middle temperature should be used.

Even if you are a person who likes to air dry your hair, you cannot ignore the fact that blow dryers have revolutionized hair styling. However, doing it right can make your hair frizzy and unruly. So, what is your favorite trick for styling hair with a blow dryer? Let us know in the comments section.

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