9 Mistakes We Make At A Salon That Can Ruin Our Haircut

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The average human hair grows roughly 0.35 mm every day, so if you get your hair cut short and decide you don’t like it, it may take you about five months to get it back to its original length. Yes, that is a long wait, but the way your hair looks after a visit from the salon is not completely the hairdresser’s fault. The way you keep your hair, the way you dress and behave has a lot to do with the end results. Read on to know them all.

1. Choosing A Haircut That Won’t Suit You

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Certain styles work better than others on particular hair types. Thick hair benefits from an even cut, whereas thin hair needs layers. So instead of insisting on obtaining a haircut like a renowned model or a favorite actress, it is best to listen to the expert advice of a hairstylist who is aware of all the factors.

2. Wearing The Wrong Outfit

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It’s recommended by stylists that you wear the clothes you normally do while getting your haircut. Instead of putting on a dress you only wear once a year, just wear something comfortable.It is recommended to not wear turtlenecks or shawls that can hinder your chopped hair and make you itchy after the haircut.

3. Not Sitting Still

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It’s difficult for a stylist to do their job if the client is fidgety or distracted. If you cross your legs while sitting on the chair, the cut may be uneven. You shouldn’t move your head or neck while the barber or stylist is trimming your hair.

4. Getting Emotional

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When anything tragic occurs in someone’s romantic life, they typically seek solace at the hair salon. By drastically altering their appearance, they want to move on from the past and regain their self-assurance. However, your looks should not change depending on your emotional status.

5. Applying Hair Gel Before Coming To The Salon

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It is difficult for a hairstylist to provide an informed recommendation when a customer hasn’t cleaned their hair in several days. The grease leaves their hair thicker, and the stylist has no idea how it will turn out after being washed. A similar result may be achieved with different styling products other than gel.

6. Not Estimating The Length Of Your Hair

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Many stylists prioritize hair health above hair length and will remove any unhealthy strands at the client’s request. Clients who don’t specify that they wish to retain their length risk getting the wrong idea. Customers’ hazy explanations of their desired hair length can sometimes cause issues.

7. Not Taking Care Of Colored Hair

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Hair needs extra TLC after getting its color changed. It requires shampoos that are both alcohol- and sulfate-free at the absolute least. Many women, however, assume that normal shampoo will suffice, only to later bemoan the fact that their costly color washed out too quickly. Make sure you ask your stylist which products will nourish your hair and help to keep the color intact for longer.

8. Not Being Honest With Your Hairdresser

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Some people are embarrassed to admit they use drugstore colors. But if you don’t want your hair to fall out entirely, you shouldn’t lie. Do not hide or lie about the use of box dyes (including henna) or other hair products. Your stylist will eventually find out when your “virgin” hair turns reddish instead of yellow with foils, and it will be more difficult and expensive to fix in the future.

9. Arguing With Your Stylist

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Professional hair stylists put a lot of time in the classroom learning about the various hair textures, dyes, and styles. This is why it is useless to instruct them about the art of cutting or coloring. But if you see any errors, please don’t be bashful about bringing them to their attention. Do your best to explain what it is you need. A skilled stylist or barber will be able to understand your needs and guide you to them.

Every profession comes with its set of challenges, and the same goes for hairdressers and stylists as well. They have the responsibility to make you look and feel good, and that is a lot of weight to carry. Make sure you convey your wishes to your stylist and help them by cooperating with them. So, which of these mistakes are you guilty of making? Let us know in the comments section!


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