9 Modern Rules Of Underwear Etiquette Only Real Ladies Know About

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Underwear is an imperative part of clothing, even though many of us don’t pay much attention to that area. We spend a lot of money on pretty tops and pants but we hardly ever wonder about the kind of underwear that we should shop for. This is a major point that we oversee as a silly thing. Because, no matter what clothes you’re going to wear, if your underwear is a mistake, your whole outfit is going to get affected by it. And even if you purchase bags full of underwear, if you don’t know the underwear rules, it’s just money down the drain. But ladies! Don’t worry, because we’re here to help you.

In this article, we will introduce you to 9 modern rules of underwear etiquette not everyone knows about. Once you know these, you’re never going to get into an underwear-outfit mismatch! And you’ll find that you’re more comfortable and better dressed when you’re wearing the right underwear with the right clothes. So, let’s get started, shall we?

1. The Right Size

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Yes, we’re starting with the most basic underwear rule there is. Use the right size bra, panties, and other underwear, so that you are comfortable and your clothes look better on you. Imagine wearing a tight bra with a skin-hugging sweater— you’re very likely to display the bulgy muscles on the sides and at your back. But, if you wear the right bra, the sweater will look flawless on your body. Also, wearing too tight underwear can trap your sweat and cause rashes.

2. The Right Pattern Bra And Panties

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Pay attention to the fabric of your clothes. If you’re wearing something loose and see-through, you can wear bras that are decorative. Lace bras and bras with glitter work are great when you wear them inside lace tops. But if your top is tight-fitting, always go for a smooth bra. This rule applies to your panties as well. Remember to use panties without any decorations when you’re wearing tight skirts or pants.

3. Bye Bye Panty Lines

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Panty lines are never good to look at. They ruin the shape of your butt and make your outfit look totally ruined. Invest in a few good panties that do not show panty lines. Since more and more leggings, sportswear, and pencils skirts are gaining popularity, panties without panty lines are true heroes! If you love wearing clothes that emphasize your back area, always purchase these panties. And if you can’t find them, buy seamless shorts instead of bikinis and thongs.

4. Tights Rules

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Always remember that your tights should be of a lighter color than that of your skirt. If you wear skirts to work, try to stick to neutral-colored tights when you wear light-colored clothes. And if you’re wearing a darker colored outfit, go for the classic black or brown tights. Patterns and funky colors are good for parties and concerts but make sure you don’t wear them on a mellow day while you’re out for shopping or dinner. Also, thick tights that are not see-through look great with boots. For such tights, open toe shoes and ballerinas are a big NO!

5. Shocking Stocking Errors

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If you are a fan of stockings, stay away from white ones unless it’s your wedding day or you’re wearing a nurse uniform. They look pretty but never really go with any outfit as much as neutral colors do. Another point to note here is that stockings with patterns can make your legs look plump. So, if you have skinny legs, you can wear the ones with flowers and lace, but if you want your legs to look slimmer, go for the plain ones.

6. Sheer Blouse And Bra

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Sheer blouses are super hot and they are so in style right now. But, not everyone can pull off the sheer blouse look because they really don’t know how to wear it. A few years ago, wearing a black bra under a white sheer blouse was considered to be trendy but fashion keeps changing and this rule is long gone. Today, you have to wear a bra that camouflages under your sheer blouse and not something that will highlight itself.

7. Bralette Rules

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Anyone can wear bralettes, but they look the best on people who have smaller breasts. They look better with high waist pants/skirts. Here’s something to remember when using bralettes— they are meant to give your body shape and not support. So, if you have bigger breasts, you might want to wear a bra that will give you support.

8. When To Wear Bullet Bras

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Bullet Bras give your breasts a pointy, conical shape with the help of spiral stitches. Apparently, these bras were considered erotic once upon a time. These look good on you when you’re wearing a saree but they are disastrous for every other outfit.

9. Camisole Rules

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If you’re wearing a cami as your top, go for a smooth bra or a cami with stitched on cups. Camis are great with cardigans or blazers for a feminine office look. Since opposites attract even in fashion, do not wear a tight-fitting camisole with tight pants. Instead, go with skirts or baggy pants.

Just because we’ve listed these rules, you shouldn’t restrict yourself from experimenting. Rules are made to be broken. But before breaking them, you should know them so that you do the alterations right. What are your underwear etiquettes? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

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