Biggest Monsoon Beauty DISASTERS And How To Avoid Them

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Your skin loves the monsoon because it has to deal with neither the prickly heat of the summer nor the chappy dryness during the winter. Well, it’s sort of a one-way relationship because, even the sweetest of all seasons isn’t sweet enough to your skin. The increase in humidity around you during monsoon can affect your skin and hair adversely. Pair it up with bacterial infections and getting the feet all dirty, you’ve got yourself into a tub of disasters. But, don’t worry because we’ve got your back here. In this article, we’re going to pick out the most common and the most problematic scenarios to give you a heads up this monsoon. Also, we will tell you how to deal with these problems so that your skin and hair enjoy the rain as much as you do. So, let’s begin?

Frizzy Hair


Due to the humidity in the atmosphere, your hair becomes frizzy, dry, and unmanageable. It makes your hair weak and vulnerable to breakage, as well. However, this problem doesn’t affect everyone equally. And, for those who already suffer from extremely dry hair, monsoons can be a nightmare. Unless you are a celebrity or you’re rich enough to have a group of hairstylists around you all the time, you’ll have to find a fix for this problem yourself.

The best thing you can do to save your hair from the entire frizzy trauma is to keep it deeply nourished and moisturized. You not only have to moisturize your hair but also make sure that the moisture is sealed with oil. For moisturizing, use DIY hair masks with avocados, bananas, honey, and coconut milk. You can also add some moisturizing oils to this mask like coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil. Once you wash your hair, seal the moisture by applying sealing oil like grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, or Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO).

Oily Skin

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Yes, the air around you is humid during the monsoon but that doesn’t mean that your skin can benefit from it. Your skin cannot soak in the humidity from the atmosphere to stay hydrated. In fact, the exact opposite thing happens and just like your hair, your skin tends to become dry as well. To compensate for the lost moisture and to combat the dryness, your skin produces oil more than usual, during the rainy season. While this makes your skin glow and looks all healthy, it clogs your pores and makes your skin prone to acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.

To avoid all these skin problems, keep your skin moisturized all the time and use a hydrating serum if you generally have oily skin. This will prevent your body from secreting natural oil from the inside that will clog your pores. Also, cleanse your face thoroughly twice every day. Taking steam once or twice a week and using a scrub right after opening your pores will aid in removing all the dust and oil that are stuck inside your skin.

Not So Happy Feet

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Your feet are the ones that bear the brunt of the monsoon. If you are someone who walks to work or to complete your daily chores, there is a high possibility that your feet get wet. And since you’re not going to remove your slippers for a while, your feet remain wet for quite a long time. The situation is worse when your feet are trapped inside wet socks and shoes. The dirty puddle can cause serious infections to the skin of your feet, resulting in itchy blisters and scars.

To avoid this, always remember to wear monsoon-friendly footwear when going out. Also, avoid routes that you know are going to be filled with water if it rains. Even if your feet get wet, remove them when you’re sitting down somewhere (restaurant or at the movies). And the minute you get home, soak your feet in a bucket of lukewarm water mixed with sea salt, soap solution, and antiseptic liquid, for at least five minutes. Then, wipe your feet dry and dip wash your dirty footwear with the same soapy water. This way, you get everything cleaned in just ten minutes.

Smudged Makeup

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Keeping your makeup intact during the monsoon is quite a challenge, isn’t it ladies? Even if you don’t get wet in the rain and you hold an umbrella, a single drop of water that the humid wind brings on to your face can ruin your perfectly done makeup. If you are lucky enough, you would make it through the day without looking like a panda or a raccoon. To make life easier, invest in good waterproof makeup products. Also, it’s better to go for powder-based makeup, since it keeps the oil under control and prevents further smudging.

Now that you know some of the most important things to keep in mind during the rainy season, have fun this monsoon and don’t let the clouds wipe away your beauty. What are the biggest beauty challenges you face during the monsoon? And how to do you overcome those? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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