8 Myths About Intimate Relationships We Need To Let Go

by Pooja Bhagat

Intimacy is a beautiful word, it is a sign of affinity, companionship, love, and is perceived to be synonymous with great bedroom fun. We all have come across intimate couples; such couples always tend to cling to each other at social gatherings and often find it hard to take their eyes off each other.

Intimacy is beautiful, and it is hard to describe it in words as it may often be misconceived as something that is focussed on intercourse alone. Two individuals with a mind of their own, opinions of their own, coming from totally different social circles and professional interests, having a pet peeve that is easily the other one’s penchant, can come together and bond like a house on fire. While there is no special potion that can be had to create intimacy between you and your beloved, there are certain myths that can certainly throw it off track. Read on to know more about these 8 myths that you need to bust RIGHT NOW!

1. Good Couples Always Have Similar Preferences In The Bedroom


It is often said and believed that intimate couples are the ones who have similar needs in the bedroom. But did you know this is a very common myth that needs to be banished right away? A happy couple may have different needs in a relationship, but if a couple is truly committed, love shall meet midway!

2. Cuddling And Loving Gestures Decrease As You Age


If you believe that love and its various forms of expressions wane away as the couple ages, let me tell you this is a MYTH. Love and its expression are beyond age and there is never any right or wrong time to fall in love or to cuddle and surprise your partner. Love is ageless and timeless!

3. Men Have A Higher Libido Than Women


The popular myth that we have all been carrying in our minds is that men want more lovemaking than women. However, that’s not true at all. Women seek love, comfort, and assurance in a relationship and when her needs are met, watch out for her in bed!

4. Opposite Personalities Attract


We have come across many ‘happy’ couples who are a lot different when it comes to things that they like or dislike. It is often said that ‘opposites attract’ and this phrase has been glorified a tad too much. People who have similar food habits, likes, pet peeves, and professions could also get attracted to each other quite easily. The bottom line is that there is no rulebook for neither love nor attraction.

5. Happy Couples Make Love Every Day


This is a very important myth that needs to be busted right away. Having time and energy for a rendezvous between the sheets is not an easy thing for most couples, and that certainly doesn’t mean that they are unhappy. Lovemaking is not meant to be mundane, it is meant to be exhilarating, uplifting, comforting, and beautiful – something that happy couples know well enough.

6. Happy Couples Don’t Keep Secrets


Do you really believe that happy couples never keep anything from each other? Well, then it is time you get a reality check! When I say secret, I am not referring to your internet password. Secrets such as – past relationships that have no importance in the present day, the dress your girlfriend wore that made her look fat, or blunders one did in the past are best kept to ourselves. It is good to communicate well in a relationship, but it can be a terrible idea to ‘over-communicate.’

7. Spooning While Sleeping Is A Sign Of A Happy Couple


Couples who sleep whilst spooning are perceived to be happy, as in this position the woman remains in her beloved’s embrace even while she is asleep. But let me tell you, this is a very unrealistic myth as two individuals make a couple and every individual has a different style! If only sleeping in the spoon position made a couple happy, then love, mutual respect, and attraction would have been extinct by now.

8. It’s Not A Good Sign To Sleep Grumpy


It is often said that happy couples do not take their fights to bed. But it should not be forgotten that couples have different types of arguments and not all have an immediate solution. Some may be very petty, while some need to be pondered over. While it may not be good for you and your partner to sleep grumpy frequently, it is not incorrect to give each other time to think and respond.

Love follows no rules and there doesn’t exist any handbook that teaches one to be happy in a relationship. Happiness is a choice everyone must make for themselves and every couple designs its own way to ensure each other’s happiness. When two people are together there is bound to be a difference of opinions and, hence, issues. But so long as the couple is ready to keep their love, tenderness, and longing for each other above everything, happiness will prevail!

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Pooja Bhagat