6 Myths About Love That People Still Believe In

by Shamita Dhingra

Falling in love is perhaps the most celebrated emotion in the history of humanity. While animals and birds might not fuss about their partners, we humans surely go a long way to woo our beloveds – writing or dedicating songs to them, making them our muses, buying gifts, planning fancy dinners, and so on. Therefore, it may not come as a surprise when we tell you that most of the heartfelt songs that have been created in popular culture are dominated by age-old clichés about love, the female body, bedroom desires, and so on (1).

Even in our day-to-day lives, we still find such clichéd views about romantic relationships, which propagate the myths associated with the idea of ‘love.’ Whether there is any truth to them or not is a different issue, but such stereotypical ideas about love do influence people’s thinking to a great extent. And sometimes, such ‘love myths’ do more harm than good. This is because they add a lot of unnecessary expectations and burdens on your relationship.
So, what are some of these popular ‘love myths’ and how might they be affecting your relationship? Do scroll down and find out for yourself!

1. Opposites Always Attract


It is generally believed that people with opposite personality traits attract each other, but that is not the case. Studies have proven that having common interests, perceptions, and values make for a stronger foundation in a relationship (2). If the thoughts, habits, and mannerisms aren’t compatible, then there are chances of disagreements and clashes. Even in terms of parenting, couples who show similar behavioral and emotional dispositions, build a more harmonious and balanced environment for their kids.

2. You Can Change Your Partner’s Attitude and Disposition


Though you may love your partner dearly, there could be a few things about him/her that may annoy you. If you think that by being in love, you get to control and change your partner’s habits and temperament, you may have to face disappointment. The more contrasting your dispositions are, the more the chances of being incompatible. Therefore, it is a better idea to stick to somebody who reflects the same personality traits as yours. That way, your partner will be more sensitive towards your needs and you can share a friendlier and a more fulfilled relationship.

3. Live-In Relationships Are A Great Way To Understand Each Other


You may think that being in a live-in relationship is a great way to know your partner closely, but it comes with its share of negatives. Just because you share a roof, there is a constant pressure to make your relationship official. Moreover, if you succumb to societal pressure and get married, it can lead to discord and fights later. Therefore, it is better to take your time and be with someone who is mature and like-minded, rather than going through unpleasant personality clashes, hurt, and regrets.

4. You Find Real Love Only In A Soulmate


The concept of a ‘soulmate’ is highly flawed. It makes you believe that there is only one person who is your perfect match and who can make you feel loved, cherished, and cared for. This can put a lot of mental load on your partner. In reality, there isn’t any custom-made soulmate for you. Rather, you grow together in the relationship – evolving as people who understand and respect each other. It takes effort, compromises, and adjustments from both sides to keep the bond strong and alive.

5. Love Comes With An Expiry Date


If you believe that love fades over time, you are wrong. Studies have proven that many couples who have been in a relationship for long, still experience the same rush of intimacy and love that they felt in the initial phases of their courtship period (3). In fact, with growing years, the relationship becomes more about attachment and bonding, minus the obsession and stress often experienced in the beginning of a relationship. Hence, it is indeed possible to preserve your love if you and your partner make a conscious effort to give time and attention to nurture the warmth and passion that you share.

6. You Can Fall In Love At First Sight


While the whole world goes gaga over ‘love at first glance,’ studies have established that it is more of an intense attraction or lust rather than love that you feel during those first few seconds (4). Apart from physical attraction, there are a lot of other factors, like compatibility, understanding, adjustments, and respect that make a relationship long-lasting.

So, these were some common ‘love myths’ that are still prevalent across the world. While there is no denying that many people have experienced some of the above-mentioned emotions, but it cannot be generalized for sure. What do you think? Do not forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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