Are You Suffering From Tooth Pain? Try This Natural Remedy And Say Goodbye To Toothache Forever!

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While the field of dentistry has advanced to a great extent in the past few decades, most of us are still afraid to visit a dentist, especially if we need to get a root canal treatment done or a decayed tooth removed. Amongst all the other factors, one of the most common reasons we avoid or dread an appointment with our dentist is a really painful toothache.

Not only does it hurt really bad, the pain sometimes increases to such an extent that you experience swelling in your gums along with a severe headache. And definitely, that is not something to look forward to! You do not feel like eating or drinking anything because you know very well that doing so will only make the pain worse. You are unable to concentrate on anything, and you are left with the last option – paying a visit to the endodontist.

Well, fret not! To treat this condition, we have the safest, most effective, and super quick solution. But, before we share this remedy with you, let us first understand what causes a toothache and how you can prevent tooth decay.

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A toothache is caused due to an infection in either the teeth or the gums. As we all know, any infection results in the weakening of the immune system, and the same happens in the case of a gum infection. Gingivitis, also known as gum disease, is caused when bacteria starts accumulating in the gums. This leads to swollen gums and bleeding as well.

Thus, it is very important to take proper care of your teeth and gums and protect them from infection. There are several foods that cause inflammation in the gums. A few of them are dairy products, sugar, and meat. Eating too much of acidic foods also causes gum diseases and tooth decay.

If you’re suffering from a painful toothache, here is how you can treat it using a simple home remedy:

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Ingredients Required

  • 1 teaspoon of organic coconut oil
  • ½ teaspoon of organic clove powder

What To Do

  1. Start by rinsing your mouth with warm water. This will help in removing the impurities.
  2. Now, take a teaspoon of organic coconut oil and mix half a teaspoon of organic clove powder with it. If you do not have clove powder, you can add 5-6 drops of clove essential oil instead.
  3. Mix this paste well and then apply it on the tooth that is aching.
  4. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes. After some time, you will notice that the pain has subsided.

Why Does This Work?

Clove is considered as a great ingredient to reduce tooth pain and discomfort. This minty-flavored spice has high antioxidant content and is great for your health. The minerals present in it also help in preventing and healing toothaches.

To make this home remedy more effective, you can add half a teaspoon of neem powder to the paste. Neem powder is not only good for preventing toothache, but it also helps in fighting bad breath.

Note: If you are using clove oil, you have to be careful as applying this oil on the affected area can sometimes increase the intensity of the pain, especially if your gum tissues are sensitive. To start with, take a cotton ball and pour two drops of clove oil on it. Place it against the tooth instead of directly applying it.

If you experience a lot of sensitivity with clove oil, there are a few other remedies that you can try. Mentioned below are a few of them:

1. Using Salt Water

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When 1 teaspoon of salt water is mixed with 1 cup of hot water, it forms a great and effective mouthwash. It acts as a painkiller, reduces swelling in the gums, and clears the stuck debris. Along with all these, it also provides relief from a sore throat. Swish the salt water solution for 30 seconds and then spit it out. This will cleanse the tooth and draw out the fluid that is causing the swelling.

2. Using Hydrogen Peroxide

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Swishing your mouth with 2-3% hydrogen peroxide can help kill bacteria and provide temporary relief. Rinse your mouth with this solution. And once you’re done, spit the solution out. Make sure to rinse your mouth several times with plain water.

3. Using Myrrh

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Rinsing your mouth with a tincture of myrrh helps in killing the bacteria present in your tooth and gums. Its astringent effects also help in providing relief from inflammation. To use it, add 1 teaspoon of myrrh powder to 2 cups of fresh water and boil it for half an hour on a low flame. Strain the water and let it cool for some time. Now, take a teaspoon of this solution, mix it with half a cup of water and rinse your mouth with it six times a day.

4. Using Peppermint Tea

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Along with a refreshing flavor, peppermint tea is also said to have a numbing power. Swishing a solution of 1 teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves mixed in a cup of boiling water for 10-15 minutes helps in reducing the pain and swelling. This is an effective remedy for headache too. You can also place a warm and soaked tea bag against the affected tooth for quick relief.

5. Using Ginger-Cayenne Paste

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To prepare ginger-cayenne paste, mix equal parts of both the spices with water to make a thick paste. Now, roll a small cotton ball in this paste and place it on the affected tooth. Avoid contact with the tongue or gums as you might experience a burning sensation. Leave it on until the pain reduces and then rinse your mouth with plain water.

NOTE: All the remedies mentioned above can provide temporary relief from a toothache. If the condition worsens, you must visit a dentist as soon as possible.

We hope you found this information useful. If you have any doubts or queries, you can ask them in the comments section below.

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