Nita Ambani Is The First Indian Woman Elected To International Olympic Committee!

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With more and more women proving their capabilities every day, India is undoubtedly changing for the good. The growing achievements of women, and their inspiring journeys are nothing less than a bright ray of hope that can blind the pricking light of patriarchy. Women have  marked their names victoriously in academics, sports, acting, literature, business, and even in the space!

Today, we talk about one such woman whose caliber and determination speak volumes. The masses know her as the wife of Mukesh Ambani, the business Tycoon. But is that it? Is that her whole identity? Certainly not! So, we want to talk to you about Nita Ambani, the woman in herself.
Sadly, not a lot of them know about her capabilities as a businesswoman, a social worker, and a dancer. Nita Ambani is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and she got married to the Chairman and Managing Director of the Reliance Industries when she was only 22. She was raised in a middle-class Gujarati family and was working as a school teacher when she got married into the Ambani family.

Now, Nita Ambani is the founder and chairperson of Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai. She is also the founder of the Reliance Foundation which focuses on education, healthcare, and ending poverty in the country. She is the CSR pillar of Reliance Industries and also the owner of the IPL cricket team Mumbai Indians. In 2016, she was named one of the most influential women business leaders in Asia by Forbes magazine. And to add to her long list of achievements, she is now an individual member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). This is the first time in history, an Indian woman is joining one of the most prestigious sports governing bodies.

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Nita Ambani was nominated by the Executive Board of IOC in June 2016 and she got elected by the members in August. The election that happened during the 129th Session of the Committee created an unforgettable milestone for all the women in India. Nita, who is 55 years old now, can serve the Committee until the age of 70.

Nita Ambani joined the world body along with eight other members making the total number of members in IOC 98. “This is a recognition of the growing importance of India in the world stage and a recognition for Indian women,” she said in a press release as per a leading newspaper. “I have always believed in the power of sport to shape our youth. I believe that sports bring together communities, cultures, and generations that have the power to unify and unite people. I look forward to spreading the spirit of Olympics and sports across our nation,” she added.

Nita Ambani’s Contribution Towards Indian Sports

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Apart from owning one of the most successful IPL cricket teams, she has been putting an unparalleled effort into making sports accessible for young children. The Reliance Foundation Youth Sports (RFYS) plays a vital role in improving the status of different sports and their formal training in the country. The foundation frequently organizes tournaments for the children to prove their talent and get more exposure. Such organizations are vital for the budding sportsmen and sportswomen of a country where talent and creativity are lost amidst a humongous stack of academic certificates.

Contribution To Social Causes

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Nita Ambani leads the Reliance Foundation which has contributed a lot to the upliftment of those are underprivileged. Most of these people are from impoverished communities in the cities and also from villages where agriculture is the major source of earning a livelihood. Bharat India Jodo (BIJ) is one of the most successful programs of the Foundation that aims at empowering villagers to reap success in their profession using sustainable methods. It also focuses on encouraging farmers to continue with agriculture by lowering the risks, and it educates them about fruitful farming practices.

Nita Ambani’s efforts have been remarkable in bringing a positive atmosphere in the backward societies of our country through community engagement activities. Her foundation also puts in a lot of effort in bringing the farmers of our country to the forefront as power-packed units of the economy. Her efforts have been remarkable in bridging the gap between urban and rural India.

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Initiatives like Drishti,  another branch of Nita’s Foundation focuses on making the lives of blind children better. She even started a Braille newspaper called Reliance Drishti. In 2005, Nita Ambani received the ‘Samaj Seva Vishwa Bhushan’ award during the event “Bharat Nari Shakti.” She was also honored with the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award by the All India Management Association (AIMA) for her endless efforts in the area of social work. In 2017, she was appointed as the member of two new commissions (Olympic Channel Commission and Olympic Education Commission) by the IOC.

With all her achievements shooting up to the stars, Nita is a role model for many women in India who aspire to become someone more than just what’s expected of them. Do Nita Ambani’s achievements make you feel proud and ambitious? Let us know in the comments section below.

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