7 Things A Strong Woman Will Never Tolerate In A Relationship

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Being a strong woman isn’t easy. To find that inner strength, you have to climb through miles of crap and extra miles of pain. But once life has taught you how to be strong, you know your sh*t! A strong woman is very attractive and she stands out among the rest. You’ve seen her, I’ve seen her — either in others or while standing in front of a mirror. She turns heads while she walks and everyone listens to her. She’s smart, confident, and gives a piece of her mind to anyone who dares to offend her. She is fiercely independent and bold and being alone isn’t a scary thing for her. And if she is in a relationship, she knows how to deal with things.

Being strong doesn’t mean that you’ve got to take it all when they throw them at you. Some things are supposed to be non-negotiable even if you’re madly in love with your partner. If you are a strong woman (or aspire to be one) here is a list of 7 things that you should never tolerate. Let’s read them together.

1. Disrespect

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Respect is a value that a strong woman lives by. To her, a partner who cannot respect themselves or others isn’t worthy of her love and affection. A respectful man not just respects his woman, but he also respects everyone else. Being respectful is a part of a person’s character and not behavior. If your man is all good to you but he kicks random stray dogs and passes rude comments on waiters at restaurants, he is being disrespectful. You never know when he will start being disrespectful towards you. So, cut him out of your life if he has the habit of disrespecting others.

2. Dominance

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Equality is something a strong woman desires in a relationship. You cannot expect her to not have a voice of her own and obey every rule that her partner makes up. She isn’t going to worship her partner as Pati Parmeshwar. Instead, she will treat him like an equal and expect him to do the same. If she can pay her bills and deal with her issues without bothering her partner, he can wash his own dishes and involve in household chores equally.

3. Crossing The Boundaries

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Every person has their own boundaries. This applies to everyone! Sadly, not of all us have well-defined boundaries and we fail to protect them. We let others tamper with our boundaries just because we love them and we cannot lose them. But guess what? A strong woman is never going to be like that. She isn’t going to let anyone cross her boundaries or make her uncomfortable no matter what the reason is. If you are a strong woman, you would be happy to lose someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries, right?

4. Dishonesty

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Dishonesty is very unattractive and this isn’t just about cheating on you with others. Even small lies can affect the trust between partners in a relationship. Unless you’re lying as a part of a prank or you’re going to surprise your partner, this habit isn’t appreciated or tolerated by a strong woman. A strong woman will not think twice before breaking up with someone who broke their trust and cheated on her.

5. Criticism That’s Not Constructive

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Not just women, any strong person would be open to constructive criticism. They welcome feedback on their flaws so that they can work on it. However, some partners keep demotivating the other person. This becomes a habit and their partner gradually loses their confidence. Well, this doesn’t happen in the case of a strong woman. If you are strong, do not let your partner criticize you without having any valid point in his comments. Letting him continue with it will affect you negatively.

6. Not Respecting Her Ambitions

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Strong women are independent and they are quite career-oriented. They have ambitions and goals that they want to work towards. However, if you’re with the wrong partner, they can call your ambitions “silly” or “impossible” and again insult, demotivate, and criticize you for no proper reason. You deserve to be with someone who supports your ambitions and helps you achieve them.

7. Comparison

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If you value yourself, you will not tolerate your partner comparing you with another person. He can suggest you to do something better in a nice way and maybe give you ideas as well. But telling you that you should learn something from someone else or you should dress up as another woman, is something that a strong woman will never tolerate.

We hope that after reading this article, you’ll either give yourself a pat on the back or you will rectify the mistake of setting your standards too low. You deserve to be with a man who respects and loves you like an equal.

Do you think you’re a strong woman? Have you ever tolerated any of the above deal breakers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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