9 Weird Things You May Think Are Unsexy But Men Find Really Hot

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh  • 

Men. Are we ever going to figure them out?

Just when you thought you finally have it down to the last detail how your partner likes to see or experience you, you blink and find articles that list everything you eliminated the last time from the list. There are so many things that you and I may think are not attractive or sexy enough to lure a guy, but it turns out that men are actually attracted to or prefer these things.

So here goes another list of what we think men don’t like but that they actually do like:

1. Messy Hair

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Apparently, French women have always got this right. As the rest of the world is only now waking up to second-day hair, there appears to be a reason why French women seem to ensure second-day hair even on the day of the wash. Because men find it sexy! Yes, you read that right. He does like the hair mussed from hanging out the door of the local train or car window or even the hair after a session of yoga. And you were rushing home to wash it before a guy could see you like that!

2. Sweating

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While doing yoga, feel free to extend your session by another 15 minutes ‘cos he sure ain’t gonna complain about the sweat on your body. Maybe in their heads, it complements the messy hair, but whatever it is we are willing to play along if it will save us rushing between yoga, home, and the bar.

3. Moles And Scars

Apparently, to them, our moles and scars make us unique. Maybe they would like to kiss away the pain that caused the scars? Don’t bother piling on the concealer from now on.

4. Sports Caps

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Your search for a functional but elegant scarf or stole ends right here. Men prefer sports cap tossed sloppily on your head to cover up unwashed hair. That’s right, just snag it off the hook, dunk it on your head, and walk right out of the door.

5. The ‘I Woke Up Like This’ Look

Remember Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids? She woke up, did up her face, and got back in bed before Jon Hamm got up to give him the impression that her face stayed made up all night? Yeah, well, men actually like tangled, noodle hair, the dazed expression you give when you first wake up, and a face that looks as though you enjoyed your sleep.

6. Messy Eating

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Bring on the Big Macs! Men find women who eat real food the right way sexy. We are not going to argue this one at all.

7. Ovulation

Before you roll your eyes, this one actually makes sense. Have you ever wondered how certain perfumes feel different on your skin on certain days of the month, while on other days you can’t tolerate them? Men actually prefer the scent of a woman who is ovulating, apparently.

8. Doing Things Independently

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This is a no-brainer, but still, a lot of us think that once we are a couple we sort of need permission from our partners to go sit at a café by ourselves or close the bedroom door to read up for work. Men do admire and find it sexy when a woman draws the line at being joined at the hipbone to do something on her own.

9. Baggy Jeans

Although skinny jeans are flooding the markets these days, if you watch movies and TV shows the women who are most comfortable around their men are seen to be wearing a pair of baggy jeans that you think will inflate your size 10X. Men, perhaps, correlate baggy jeans to something thrown on without overthinking your choices and hence find it sexy.

This list is by no means of the only thing men find sexy or what all men find sexy. Also, we do not encourage you to give up your own quirks and what you find sexy for a man’s way of thinking – but we want to let you know that it would be okay if you went straight from the yoga class to the wine bar in a pair of baggy jeans.

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