4 Not-So-Known Exercises That Help In Reducing Belly Bulge

4 Not-So-Known Exercises That Help In Reducing Belly Bulge Hyderabd040-395603080 July 23, 2018

We have all played hard-to-get at one point or the other, right? But, we also know that life’s a full circle. And just to make us feel the pinch, exactly when we need that lower belly bulge to disappear and make way for a stunning set of abs, the abs play hard-to-get. No matter what diets you have been following, or rigorous exercises you’re putting your body through, that stubborn lower bulge refuses to budge. And eliminating this fat that has so comfortably made space for itself on your belly is definitely going to be a herculean task (1).

We know you have been eyeing that little black dress and you have set your eyes on that perfect Bollywood-style lehenga for your friend’s wedding. In fact, you’ve even primed yourself with the perfect pose to strike when you dazzle around in these dreamy outfits! But, the only thing that’s left to do is to shrink that belly bulge to its thinnest version. So, how are you planning to get there?

Fret not, we have got the perfect moves for you to maximize the belly burn and minimize the belly bulge. So, get movin’ ladies!

1. Dance Your Fat Away

1. Dance Your Fat Away Pinit


Whether you’re a bathroom dancer, the star of the nightclub or a professional dancer, dancing is always fun. So, if the gym isn’t your temple for workouts, then just put on those dancing shoes and get grooving. There are a whole lot of options you can choose from — Zumba, desi jam cardio, masala bhangra, ballet, or belly dancing. Take a pick!

Confused? We’ll help you. We all know what Zumba, ballet, and belly dancing is (2). Desi jam cardio is a fun, cardio-centric dance session that gives you a full body workout while you dance to the rhythms of Bollywood, bhangra, and belly dancing. On the other hand, if you love the beat of the dhol, masala bhangra will give you enough of it. Living up to its name, it’s a full body workout with more strain on your arms and rotator cuffs. All of these dance workouts will help you burn anywhere between 500-1000 calories. Now, that’s what we call a win-win situation, right?

2. Box Away That Stubborn Fat

2. Box Away That Stubborn Fat Pinit


Boxing is the best way to beat the stress and also burn the belly fat. This high-intensity cardio workout not only works on your arms but tightens your core with every punch that you hit. You choose whether you want to hit the boxing bag or just throw a few punches in the air (we recommend you refrain from punching people as that could get nasty). Master those kicks, hooks, uppercuts, and swift punches (also learn the art of shadow boxing), and you’re sure to get a carved-out set of abs by the end of it. While boxing sounds like a fun and fancy workout, you have to be consistent to reap benefits.

3. Do The Hula Hoops

3. Do The Hula Hoops Pinit


Remember the days of childhood, when we happily hula-hooped for fun? Well, we should get back to that because it’s a great way of burning calories, working on your midsection, and sculpting your waistline. Begin with buying a hoop for adults. A minute of hooping will burn about 7 calories – that’s about 210 calories for a half-hour session (3)!

The adult hoop is larger and heavier, so you won’t have to squeeze in, making it easier to use. Simply step inside the hoop, with your strong foot forward, and hold the hoop against your lower back. Then, tighten your pelvis, making sure your shoulders are stiff and your back is straight, and lift your chest up, bending your knees slightly. (Yeah, it get’s awkward. But trust us, it’s fun!). Now, give that hoop a good counterclockwise spin around the waist and move along with it. The trick here is to simultaneously shift the weight between your front and back legs while you move your hips back and forth. If you lose balance, stand straight and push your hips further. Do this every day, and the results will leave you stunned (4). So, get twirling!

4. Driving To Work? Burn That Belly Fat While At It

4. Driving To Work Burn That Belly Fat While At It Pinit


Heard of “ab vacuums”? It’s as simple as it sounds. Although this doesn’t increase fat burning, it helps to flatten your stomach by strengthening the deeper abdominal muscles — the transverse abdominis (5). This simple breathing exercise can be done anytime, anywhere.

Pull your belly button in, suck it in as much as you can, and hold it for 10-20 seconds. Start by inhaling deeply, and as you exhale, suck your belly inwards as though it’s moving towards your spine. Hold it there for 10-20 seconds while you take short breaths. Repeat this several times while you drive down to your work, or just while driving away in general. Stomach vacuuming or ab vacuums is the easiest way of tightening your beer belly. So, do it as much as possible and see the results for yourself!

4 Not-So-Known Exercises That Help In Reducing Belly Bulge Pinit


And voilà! That’s how you can burn the belly bulge away while you have ample fun. The more calories you burn, the sooner will your waistline shrink. The key is to go for activities that involve a lot of kicking, jumping, and sprinting, which leave you breathless. So, go flaunt your beautiful bellies, ladies!

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