13 Most Useful Nuts And Seeds To Eat Every Day To Stay Healthy

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Nuts and seeds are an important part of a healthy diet. While many try to avoid consumption of nuts and seeds because of their high calorific and high-fat content, these gems are known to contain heart-healthy unsaturated fats, which are crucial to include in our diet. Moreover, having them every day takes care of our daily intake of protein and fats. Regular consumption of them keeps you healthy as you age.

Here is a list of nuts and seeds that are most beneficial for us.

1. Flax Seeds

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Flax seeds are known to be the world’s first ever cultivated super foods; they have been consumed for roughly 6,000 years. The presence of omega-3 fatty acids in them mainly help in promoting hormonal balance. These are small seeds of tan brown or golden color that help to improve our skin, digestion, cholesterol, and cardiovascular health, in addition to fighting our supreme sugar cravings!

2. Sesame Seeds

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The inclusion of sesame seeds in a dish elevates the flavors of the dish to another level. But are we aware of its health benefits?

Well, sesame seeds contain certain antioxidants that cannot be found in any other food element. It helps to decrease the blood pressure, therefore, preventing chances of having strokes, kidney failures or heart attacks.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

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Pumpkin seeds are a nutritional powerhouse as they contain an array of nutrients ranging from manganese to arginine. The amino acids prevent hypertension by dilating the blood vessels, which improves the blood flow in our body. These seeds are popular in the cosmetic industry as well, because of the presence of vitamin A and E in them.

4. Almonds

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Having almonds before your regular meals can be a good idea as they lower the level of fat in your body. Your stomach feels full; therefore, your chances of overeating are less.

In addition to this, almonds also help in balancing the level of lipids (that are the building block of cells) in our blood, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

5. Walnuts

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Walnuts are popular worldwide because of the rich mineral contents found in them. They help in fighting symptoms of aging and the associated problems. The presence of tocopherol, a form of vitamin E, in walnut helps protect men from prostate cancer.

6. Sunflower Seeds

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Regular intake of sunflower seeds is good for the muscle and bone tissues of our body, as these seeds are rich in sulfur-proteins. Eating it every day keeps lung infections at bay.

7. Pistachios

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Snacking on pistachios will help in controlling your weight as your stomach will feel full most of the times. In comparison to other nuts, pistachios not only have less fat content but are also known to have the highest level of potassium, acids, and carotenoids that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

8. Peanuts

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The most staple among all other nuts — peanuts. These are easily available everywhere. The polyphenol in them protects the cells of our body from harmful radicals, helping us stay younger. The presence of linoleic acid in them prevents sclerosis.

Bonus tip: Incorporating groundnuts in one’s diet can accelerate weight loss!

9. Hazelnuts

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Hazelnuts improve our immune system by making our muscles and bones stronger; this is because they contain vitamin B in abundance. Also, the organic acids present in these nuts maintain the cholesterol levels of our body.

10. Cashews

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Cashews are rich sources of iron that help to prevent anemia. Their anti-inflammatory properties protect our body from contracting flu, which eventually strengthens our immune system. Presence of phosphorous and thiamine in cashews keep our body energetic and keeps lethargy at bay.

11. Brazil Nuts

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Brazil nuts are rich in fiber. Fibers help in flushing out toxins from our intestine, thereby improving the digestion of our system. The presence of a chemical called selenium in these nuts helps in improving our immunity. Moreover, the unsaturated fats found in these nuts help in regulating the blood-sugar levels of the body and consequently prevent diabetes.

12. Chia Seeds

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These seeds are the most beneficial for women, especially during their menstrual cycle. Consumption of chia seeds leaves a positive effect on the human body. The vitamins in them prevent skin diseases, while the fatty acids present in them help to maintain a healthy heart.

13. Pecans

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You must have never thought that eating a nut can protect your body from harmful solar radiations, but pecan nuts do just that! They protect us from the harmful particles of the environment. On the other hand, these nuts also help in regulating the testosterone levels in men.

An important thing to do before you include these nuts and seeds in your diet is to check for allergies. Adding seeds and nuts to your salads or cereals, making sweet bars out of them, or just eating them as snacks can do wonders!

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