Best Oils To Cure Baldness

by Surya Sathya Narayanan

What is the one part of your body that you can style differently each day? The answer is — hair. Along these lines, there are so many products available in the market that do different things for the hair. This ranges from shampoos and conditioners to hair sprays and gels. However, the millennial is facing a grave problem. Hair fall. Over time, this hair fall takes a rapid turn to bring about the dreaded “B” word — baldness. When baldness strikes, it affects us in so many different levels.


However, the cause is different for different people. It could be aging, hormonal imbalance, stress, nutrient deficiency, or even genetics. Some of the most painful sights are receding hairline, thinning of the hair and for some, just spot baldness. For such cases, it is imperative to nip this problem at the bud. While many are running from pole to pillar for expensive hair care products and exorbitant hair spas, there are others that are trying all sorts of homemade remedies to battle impending baldness.

Fear no more. Here we list out the top ten oils that can cure baldness. Read on to know more.

1. Castor Oil


If you are in the pursuit of something that promotes hair re-growth, then castor oil must be your option. The highly viscous oil provides high amounts of omega-9 fat acids, making it the best option for a rapid scalp treatment(1). The oil goes deep into the pores of the scalp and nourishes both follicles and the hair. In addition, the oil rejuvenates the scalp and increases the blood circulation as well. This, in turn, promotes hair growth.

2. Olive Oil


No. This is not a recipe for hummus. Olive oil is known for being abundant in antioxidants, vitamin E, and other fatty acids. These antioxidants are the perfect combination to promote hair growth and reduces the likelihood of hair damage. Olive oil makes the hair shaft stronger and healthier. Try massaging your scalp with this oil for a few minutes at least twice a week, and see the magic happening.

3. Coconut Oil


For ages, coconut oil has been the go-to oil for Indians. For burns, wounds, dry skin, infections and even for cooking. However, coconut oil can play a strong role in preventing baldness as well. The oil ensures that the hair does not lose moisture, thereby keeping it strong and dense. Coconut oil’s lauric acid is anti-bacterial and keeps the scalp free from infection(2).

4. Almond Oil


From childhood, parents have made us eat two almonds a day to keep our brains working hard and fast. However, one thing we may not have known, for a long time is that almond oil has an undeniable effect in battling baldness. With a massive reservoir of calcium, magnesium, fats and also, vitamins D and E, almond oil is a strong contender in the game. Another major advantage offered by almond oil is that it can be easily absorbed by the scalp and hair. It makes the hair softer by acting as a natural moisturizer.

5. Chamomile Oil


With a soothing effect on the scalp, the oil has been known for its ability to calm the nerves (not just figuratively). Chamomile oil keeps the oil moisturized and strong. In addition, it can kill hair lice and protect the hair from a tough environment and dandruff.

6. Rosemary Oil


Derived from the leaves of the rosemary plant, the oil has held the name for promoting hair growth. It proves critical in dilating the blood vessels and promotes cell division(3). This process creates the best environment for better hair growth, owing to improved circulation. While this oil can be used directly, it can also be used in combination with other essential oils and carrier oils.

7. Lavender Oil


Who can deny the soothing effect that Lavender oil could have on relaxing the mind and calming the nerves? This oil, like the chamomile, can also kill lice. In addition, its anti-bacterial properties help in keeping the scalp healthy.

8. Jojoba Oil


For those who have already used jojoba oil, you definitely know how much you love the oil. And, for those who have not, here it is. Jojoba oil helps in cleaning clogged pores and making way for the hair to grow. In addition, the hair is hydrated by jojoba and as a result, gets a shiny look. The oil protects the hair from damage caused by heat-based hair styling tools.

9. Peppermint Oil


With its strong flavor, peppermint oil promotes hair growth by stimulating blood circulation on the scalp. Also, it rejuvenates the scalp and makes it feel refreshed, and help ensure healthy hair follicles.

10. Cedar Wood Oil


For over several years, cedar wood oil has been known for its ability to fight scalp itching, dandruff, and of course, hair loss. It also helps in alleviating inflammatory infections of the scalp. If you use this oil, it is definitely time to bid farewell to broken hair.

Well, this is our list of oils that make a hell of a difference if you are able to see your scalp in the mirror. Looks painful, doesn’t it? Then, get these oils and look your beautiful self. If you have tried other oils or combinations and they have worked, share it in the comment section below.

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