Forget Everything Else, Just Doing This One Exercise Can Keep You Fit

Forget Everything Else, Just Doing This One Exercise Can Keep You Fit Hyderabd040-395603080 December 11, 2017

Exercise is a pain, in all places for sure. But like they say, no gain without pain. The term ‘exercise’ can not only scare you but also make you dread it. The very thought of sweating it out while your body parts cry in pain and muscles complain of cramps…phew! It is one helluva activity for sure. But we are in an era where there are ways to enjoy those workouts. It could be with music, or even in a group – these can make exercise seem a lot easier.

Finding time for exercise is hard, more for women than men, as juggling household chores and work takes up most of our time. And for all those who are plain lazy and not motivated to take up exercise or find it boring, fitness trainers suggest taking up a range of activities to break the monotony. But, like we mentioned earlier, lack of time is the issue. Having said that, keeping yourself active and indulging in at least one form of exercise is crucial to keep fit. Each body part requires a different kind of training. But, what if we told you that there’s this one exercise that can make your entire body fit? Hard to believe? Read on, and you will know what we are talking about.

Heard of a plank? Yes, the one exercise that is very much in vogue and ensures every single muscle in your body is trained. It requires no equipment whatsoever. For those wondering how much time it would take, you would be shocked to know that you could do this in just TWO minutes! That isn’t too much to ask for to keep yourself in the pink of health, is it? Okay, so make a vow right now that you will allot two minutes of your time every day to improve your health. If you have made up your mind, time to dive right in and know more about what the plank is all about and how it helps you.

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Plank For Strength: Do you find yourself gasping for breath after climbing the stairs? Well, this is a clear indication that you lack the energy to carry out even basic activities like taking the stairs. Try doing planks and watch yourself getting stronger. Doing a plank every day will give you more strength by exercising your entire body. This simply means you can go on a trek, carry weight and not feel the strain. Even the toughest of activities seem effortless.

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Increases Metabolic Rate: Half the population around the world is on weight loss mission. Thanks to a sedentary lifestyle and junk food, we put on weight in the blink of an eye. Every dietitian’s standard advise would be to boost the metabolic rate of our body. High metabolism rate means easier and faster way to burn calories. We don’t want to comment on pills that claim to up your metabolic rate, but can assure you that doing this activity (plank) can certainly increase your body’s metabolic rate.

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Tummy From Flab To Fab: How many times have you posed for pictures tucking your tummy in, only to breathe a huge sigh of relief after the photo is clicked? A protruding belly looks ugly on anyone, no matter their age. You might have seen girls walk out of trial rooms with a sad face over having to part with a dress they couldn’t wear because of their belly. Those who exercise regularly and are trying to lose weight know how to hard it is to burn the belly fat. It takes a lot of effort, for sure! But, try planking and you can soon get ready for that beach holiday in your favorite bikini.

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Backache: Frequent travel and/or long hours at the desk can contribute to back pain. This is something that simply won’t go away despite all the medication and hot compress treatments. And the first thing you will do is to abstain from exercise to prevent any further damage to your back. The stomach and the lower back are the two regions in your body that are more prone to injury. Plank builds core strength and ensures your back is in good shape. This also means better posture.

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Flexibility: Gone are the days when we could easily sit down and get up instantly. Now, it takes time to even get back on our feet. That’s how flexible our bodies are. We have all turned into couch potatoes. Of all the exercises known to make your body versatile and easy to move, yoga is the most effective. The plank, too, is equally beneficial in making your body flexible.

How To Do A Plank?

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Well, there are different kinds of planks, like forearm plank, knee plank, side plank, single leg plank, and many more. You could do a mix of all these if you wish. A standard plank involves a very simple use of your body. Take a look at this video. This should get you started.

Duration Of A Plank

It all depends on the time you have at your disposal. If you are a busy bee, start off with two minutes. Perhaps you could allot more time over the weekends. Once you get a hold on the way it is done, doing a plank is a cakewalk.

Do you swear by planks? What variations have you tried? Tell us in the comments below what has worked for you.