4 Cool One-Minute Hairstyle Hacks

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Living in a time where presentation matters the most, it has become very important to look our best, at all the events we attend. It could be anything — family get-togethers, or whacky parties or even black-tie events — but we need to be dressed in a manner suited to the occasion. And in order to compile that look maybe we can borrow a dress or two, or sandals, and even makeup from our best friends or our siblings. But we definitely cannot borrow hairstyles, right?

Most of us aren’t really statues of patience that can sit and style our hair, strand by strand. We’d rather skip attending that function altogether! But in most cases, that cannot really happen, and we know that already. So how does one get out of this conundrum? Simple, by looking for super quick and easy hairstyle hacks. And we’ve done just that for you! Here’s a list of easy-to-do, one-minute hairstyle hacks that will have you ready for that party in no time.

1. The Twisted Tail


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🐴An oldie but a goodie – try this super EASY hair tutorial! Add a twist to your everyday ponytail that you can easily do at home in under ONE minute!🐴 #beginnerfriendly #ponytailstyle #videohair #claireashleybeauty ⁣ ⁣ 🐎Leave two medium size sections of hair out in the front ⁣ ⁣ 🐎Secure the rest with an elastic into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck⁣ ⁣ 🐎Take one of the medium sections of hair and cross it over on top of the elastic⁣ ⁣ 🐎Do the same thing to the other side then connect the two sections underneath the first ponytail and secure with an elastic ⁣creating a small ponytail underneath ⁣ 🐎What hairstyle do you want to see next?!

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Ponytails are definitely oldies, but they are still considered by many as the goodies when it comes to styling hair quickly. It’s the easiest thing to do with your hair, right? Just grab a scrunchy and tie your hair up in a ponytail. But how about twisting the good old ponytail of yours? Do it this way:

  • Divide your hair into two medium sections in the front.
  • And tie the remaining hair at the back into a low ponytail with the help of an elastic band. The ponytail should begin at the nape of your neck.
  • Now, take one of the medium sections of your hair and cross it over the elastic on the top.
  • Do the same thing with other section as well.
  • Bind these two medium sections right underneath the ponytail with the help of another elastic band. Voila! You’re ready with a new twist on an old classic.

2. Headband Updo Hairstyle


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Summer is the time when you want to use your headbands to make sure that your hair doesn’t keep falling on your face and cause any irritation on an already sunny, sweaty day. Summer is also the time when most of us prefer to tie our hair up, right? What if we were to combine these two styles to form a cool one-minute summer hairdo? Here, give it a read and try it now.

  • Use your favorite headband. Even a bandana will do.
  • Place the headband on the crown of your head.
  • Now, at the front, tuck the ends of the hair into the headband (refer to the video given above).
  • Now slowly twist the rest of the hair into the headband as shown in the video.
  • You can also use hair spray to help it set a little better. This isn’t mandatory though. There you have a fun summery hairdo, that too, in under a minute.

3. Twisted Back Ponytail


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If you master this hairstyle, trust us, it will take less than a minute for you to get it done. Here’s how you do a twisted back ponytail:

  • Firstly, part your hair at the middle in front to obtain two large sections of hair.
  • Now, grab one section of the front partition and again part it into two sections.
  • Now twist these two pieces of hair on top of each other. And as you keep twisting downwards, keep picking up hair from below. It’s almost like you’re making a French braid here.
  • Repeat the same thing on the other side as well.
  • And when you get to the end, combine both of these twisted hair sections into a single low ponytail.

4. Designing Hair With Pins


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Do you have a bob haircut? How can one create a hairstyle out of a bob haircut, right? We mean to say that we realize that you cut your hair short only because you wanted a haircut that required little maintenance. But for how long can you keep the bob haircut of yours simple, you need to experiment to look different every now and then. Consider trying this for a change.

  • Use a texture spray or put some volumizing powder in your hair to create some grip.
  • This is because we will be using hair pins here and if you’re blessed with silky smooth hair, the pins wouldn’t be able to hold it. And yes, it will also help your hairstyle stay on for longer.
  • Gather the strands of hair which you wish to pull back in small partitions.
  • Gently twist it a little and give it a bump before pinning it down.
  • Make sure you insert the pin as shown in the video. Tuck them in a way that they are not visible. Tuck them inwards.

These were our best done-in-a-minute hairstyles which you can try to be ready in a jiffy. You don’t have to copy the hairstyles exactly, go ahead and improvise to your heart’s content. And if you end up with better hairstyles that can be done in a minute, let us know in the comment section below.

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