8 Online Fitness Coaches You Should Follow To Get A Fit Body At Home

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Maintaining a healthy body and mind has become more difficult than ever before due to the lack of time we all experience in our daily lives. After getting back from work, there’s hardly any time to spend with your family and friends. The scenario worsens if you’re a working mom because you’d probably not find enough time to even sleep well. But does this mean that you should compromise on your fitness? Hell NO! If time doesn’t allow you to go to a gym and workout or go for a run, you can work at the comfort of your home without the help of a trainer or any major equipment.

You can do this with the help of the internet fitness coaches who share their workout videos on social media. They explain to you different types of workouts, meal plans, and techniques to maintain your fitness. All you need is your smartphone and an active internet connection to start sweating the fat out. Also, unlike the many gym chains that rob you mercilessly, online coaching is for free. However, you may need to pay a small amount of money to access prime videos and services. But even so, the money that you’re spending won’t even be half of what you’ll be giving at a gym.

If you’re one among those people who don’t get to work out because of lack of time or because of the expensive deals at the gym, here are some of the best online fitness coaches you can follow:

1. Jessica Smith

Image: Instagram @jessy_fit

We love Jessica Smith’s YouTube workout channel because she’s super cool and her workouts are super fast at fat burning. Her bio says “No crazy exercises, revealing outfits, or negative energy here — just common sense fitness, advice, and support from a certified wellness coach, trainer, and instructor with almost 20 years of experience…and my sidekick, Peanut the French bulldog.” You don’t get those perky promises that are too unrealistic to achieve in this channel. Jessica uploads videos on various fields of fitness ranging from yoga to strength training.

2. Dana Landgren

Image: Instagram

Dana is an Instagrammer who focuses on pelvic floor exercises. She began making her workout videos after she was diagnosed with pelvic floor prolapse. If you want to keep your pelvic floor muscles strong, or if you want to get better from a prolapse, Dana’s videos are surely going to help you. Having weak pelvic muscles forbids you to follow your favorite exercises like planks and squats that will put pressure on your pelvic area. Dana has many workout videos on the alternatives of these exercises that will help you burn fat and strength train your body without worrying about the pelvic muscle issues. Strong pelvic muscles improve your entire body’s well-being and also help you experience the pleasure of lovemaking better.

3. Joanna Soh

Image: Instagram @joannasohofficial

Joanna Soh is a YouTuber who shares her fitness coaching videos on the online platform. She brings a fitness pro to your living room and has awesome routines like 400+ calorie burn workout and strength training challenges. With the workouts including 1,000 squats and lunges, you can expect your legs to become stronger than ever.

4. Jen Esquer

Image: Instagram @docjenfit

Jen has always been quite the active person she is today, since her childhood. She used to participate in dance, gymnastics, and track and field right from her school days. As she grew up, she turned her love for movement into her career. Today, she is a doctor of physical therapy, a yogi, and Pilates instructor. Her Instagram feed is very informative if you want to learn about home workouts.

5. Mike Donavanik

Image: Instagram @sweatfactor

Celebrity trainer, Mike Donavanik has an amazing YouTube channel that you’ll love. His kickass workout videos include kettlebells and kickboxing. He makes his content conversational enough so that you enjoy the workout sessions and always stay away from the unwanted “rah-rah” that will just kill your time and lengthen the video.

6. Jen Widerstrom

Image: Instagram @jenwiderstrom

Jen Widerstrom is a trainer in the NBC reality show, The Biggest Loser that rewards overweight contestants who compete against each other in weight loss. She’s a complete health expert with NASM (National Academy Of Sports Medicine), Dynamax Master Trainer, and CrossFit Level 1 certifications in her kitty. Also, she has written a book called Diet Right For Your Personality Type. Follow her on Instagram to know the best type of workouts you can do at home to get that strong and toned body you dream of.

7. Ben Bruno

Image: Instagram

Ben Bruno works at Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning, one of the most respected gyms in Boston. He has celebrity clients like Jessica Biel, Chelsea Handler, and Kate Upton and his Instagram account is an open book for fitness enthusiasts. He mostly posts casual workout videos of himself or his clients that are easy to learn and practice at home.

8. Katie Crewe

Image: Instagram @katiecrewe

Katie Crewe is not just a certified strength and conditioning specialist, health coach, and nutritional practitioner but she’s also a strong woman who promotes body positivity. She posts super interesting workout videos and also videos in which she corrects others who make mistakes while working out. Now, isn’t that just amazing?

It doesn’t matter if you’re working out at a gym or if you’re working out at home as long as you’re doing it right. Which online fitness coach did you like the most and who are you going to follow? Let us know in the comments below.

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