9 Outdated Hairstyles We Should Let Go Of

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Those were the days! You walk out wearing hair shaped like a mixer grinder, and no one bats an eyelid! Fortunately or unfortunately, those days are gone, and now we are more invested in doable and comfortable hairstyles that allow you to work, without having to worry about the mountain of hairspray on your head. Even though some of the retro hairstyles look chic, they are not very practical or good for your hair and scalp health. Here in this article are some outdated hairstyles that have faded away with time. Read on to know them all.

1. A Perfect Bob

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The bob is a go-to haircut for most of us even today, and it has persistently helped us get ready for the day without any fuss. So, why is it on our list? We will tell you. Like most hairstyles that have become boring due to their geometrical lines, the perfect bob met the same fate. Victoria Beckham, who popularized this look, has subsequently undergone several image makeovers. Popularity-wise, the textured bob is at its pinnacle right now. Its “light as a feather” and feminine cut have been chosen by a long list of A-listers throughout the world. So even if you want to fashion a bob, don’t worry about the perfect cut or symmetry. As long as you are confident about your look, nothing can stop you from looking flawless.

2. Lazy Bun

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It’s time we stopped doing this hairdo everywhere just because it’s simple and requires less maintenance. As an alternative to a lazy bun, you can wear your hair in a low bun with a side or middle hair parting, which will also appear natural yet tidy and is simple to do. You may wear it to a meeting, to an office, or at a social event. You can also throw in some accessories to make it look different even if you style your hair the same way every time.

3. Perm

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Thanks to development in the hair care industry, there is less damage and burning from the perming process now than in the past. Modern hair care products employ mild formulas with all-natural active ingredients. Moreover, the natural perming that gives the hair voluminous curls and volume is currently all the rage. But make sure you use heat protectants and nourish your hair thoroughly after perming your hair.

4. Blunt Or Bob Cut

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Even if you want a blunt or a bob, the cutline shouldn’t be too severe so that your hair dangles on your face resembling a cocker spaniel’s ears. The hairline from the rear of your head to the crown of your head should be soft and seamless. Furthermore, keep an eye on your hair’s growth and schedule regular appointments with your stylist to keep the cut in shape.

5. Odd Shapes

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This hairdo in the past could be seen anywhere: in classrooms, waiting rooms, hospitals, stores, and even workplaces. Think of all the hairsprays that got into making the hair stay stand like that. Even if you want to get that style for a particular event, doing it every day will only make it look odd, and your hair and scalp will pay the price for the involvement of all the chemicals.

6. Solid Bouffant

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Attempts to comb off a heavy coating of hairspray can cause structural damage, diminishing the hair’s attractiveness. Moreover, research has shown CFC emissions destroy the ozone layer which can cause serious skin problems due to exposure to UV rays on the skin. Instead of bouffant hairstyles created with hairspray, we should focus on achieving more natural looks.

7. Shovel Fringes

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At some point in our lives, every woman wonders if she would look better with bangs or not. This particular haircut requires considerable discussion to find the best possible match for your face shape. Fringes might take off years from your face, but it is hard to manage and may not suit everyone the same way.

8. Doll Like Curls

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The current aesthetic trend toward looking natural is reflected in hairstyles as well. Light and somewhat uneven hairstyles are best for women, even for evening events. Hair that is tightly curled and heavily sprayed can make a woman look older.

9. Contrast Highlights

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Brigitte Bardot started the hair-highlighting trend for women. The actress’s hairdresser tried to salvage the burnt fringe by coloring it in sections. We suggest you dye your hair using one of the more on-trend techniques if you’re the kind that enjoys tinkering with hair color.

So now that you know which hairstyles are gone for the good, you can style your hair in hairdos that are more friendly for your hair and scalp health. Make sure you wash your hair properly and use a conditioner to seal the cuticles. Also, eat healthily and drink plenty of water to keep your skin and hair hydrated from within. So which of these retro hairdos was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section!


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