8 Pain-Free Tips To Get Rid Of Knotty Hair

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If you think about it, on average, women spend nearly an entire week maintaining their hair each year. And a large portion of the week is dedicated to detangling the stubborn knots that decide to knit themselves into a sweater overnight. And if you have long hair, getting ready in the morning may be a tedious ordeal. Even though untangling knots can be painful, there are measures we can take to keep our hair from getting tangled in the first place. And even if they do occur, we can help you untangle them without tears. Here in this article are some methods to reduce tension in your hair, making it possible to run your fingers unhindered from the scalp to the ends. Read on to know them all!

1. Part Your Hair In Segments Before Combing It

Part Your Hair In Segments Before Combing It
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Detangling your hair is a task that can be tedious and even unpleasant at times. Working section by section is recommended for tackling stubborn knots. It is similar to separating your hair into smaller sections before getting a haircut. Section off smaller portions of hair before combing or brushing it. If your hair is heavily knotted, you can avoid pain by detangling it with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

2. Start Detangling Your Hair From The Tips

Start Detangling Your Hair From The Tips
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If your hair is tangled, you should start at the ends and work up, contrary to the conventional wisdom that says you should start at the roots. Start at the ends, where knots tend to form, and work your way up to the roots. To avoid discomfort, try holding your strands in one hand while brushing them with the other. When knots have been untangled, you can proceed with strokes that go from the hair’s base to its ends.

3. Massage Well When You Shampoo

Massage Well When You Shampoo
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The scalp should be the primary target of shampoo application. Massage your scalp gently with the ends of your fingers as you work the shampoo into your hair and skin. As shampoos remove oil from the hair and scalp, they should be used only for the roots and not the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. The shampoo will reach the remaining sections of your hair as you wash and rinse. We recommend a sulfate-free, all-natural shampoo for optimal results.

4. Dry Your Hair Gently

Dry Your Hair Gently
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When hair is damp, it is extremely fragile. You may make extra tangles by massaging your hair vigorously and covering it firmly in a towel. After washing your hair, softly squeeze and wipe it dry with a towel before letting it air dry or using a hairdryer.

5. Don’t Comb Through Wet Hair

Don't Comb Through Wet Hair
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As your hair is at its most fragile just after you get out of the shower, you shouldn’t drag a comb over it. Combining damp hair increases the risk of hair breakage, which can lead to knots. Instead of using a brush, you may run your hair through your fingers to detangle and smooth it.

6. Use A Conditioner After Each Wash

Use A Conditioner After Each Wash
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Our hair becomes more tangled as a result of the drying effects of shampoos and other hair treatments. Preventing knots is a lot easier when your hair is healthy, therefore it’s important to use oils that are good for your hair. Using a lot of commercial conditioners isn’t the only way to condition your hair. Natural and healthier alternatives to regular conditioner include serums, avocado oil & hair masks.

7. Use Silk Pillow Covers Or A Night Cap

Use Silk Pillow Covers Or A Night Cap
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When you wake up with knots in your hair, it may be because of the pillows you slept on the night before. Material friction from polyester & cotton can cause hair to get dry and knotted. The use of a silk pillowcase can help prevent this.

8. Keep Your Hair Tied When You Go Outdoors

Keep Your Hair Tied When You Go Outdoors
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Remember that wind and movement can sometimes cause problems with knots. Keep your hair pulled back and out of the way if you’re going for a drive with the roof open or doing some exercise. If your hair is very long, rather than wearing it in a ponytail, which might still get tangled, try wearing it in a bun.

No matter how many times you brush your hair or how much you care for your hair, there will be times when your hair starts to tangle on its own and makes you scream when you try to detangle it with a comb. But the secret is, don’t be rough with your hair no matter how annoying it gets. Put on some serum and try detangling gently from the tips while holding the part above firmly so it does not tug your scalp. Patience is the key when it comes to detangling knotty hair. So what is your secret to maintaining tangle-free hair? Let us know in the comments section!

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