10 Peculiar Dinner Rules The British Royal Family Must Abide By

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Being a royal is all fun and games until you read the long list of dos and don’ts that you have to live by every moment. While you and I can wake up with breakfast in bed to our heart’s content, it is not so simple for the Royals. Even though they have their perks, some of their usual rules can sound rather peculiar. Here in this article are some popular royal dining protocols that will make your jaws drop. Read on to know them all!

1. Pasta Is Never On The Menu

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If the pasta has a special place in your heart, forget dreaming about being a part of the Royal family. The Late Queen believed in having a light dinner that was easy to digest, so something as heavy as pasta was never a part of her dinner menu. So, the chefs at Buckingham Palace knew too well what to make and what not to make. But, of course, now that we have a new King, King Charles, the rules may have changed according to his preferences.

2. No One Eats After The Monarch Has Finished Her Dinner

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Dining with the Late Queen was no less than a marathon, as you must ensure you finish eating before she finishes. After she leaves the table, your plate will be taken away from you, too, so saving the best dish for the last is no use! Also, you can only leave the table once the Queen finishes her meal. However, the Late Queen was seen to keep a portion of her food on her plate so everyone could comfortably finish their meal without choking on their food.

3. Conversations With The Monarch Are Pre-Established

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Though most conversations in our life are spontaneous, it is not as simple when it comes to the Monarch. The person seated on the right of the Monarch is the guest of honor and is allowed to speak first. The one on the left must not talk before their turn.

4. You Must Swap Meals With A Royal Member If They Suggest You Do It

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This must be the most peculiar thing you read, but it’s true. Prince Phillip was known to swap his meals with his staff too often. He loved tasting different meals and would often point at a plate and that had to be brought to him.

5. No Garlic!

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A former chef from the Royal kitchen, Darren McGrady, said that the Late Queen detested the smell and flavor of garlic, so anything that had garlic was never a part of the menu. Even the guests were not allowed to have any dishes that included garlic.

6. You Need To Enter The Room In A Certain Order

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Like conversations with the Monarch are planned, so is the entrance. Hierarchy is respected and appreciated, so the Monarch is first allowed in the room following their successors. So earlier, it was the Queen, followed by the prince, William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan.

7. The Monarch Never Has 13 Guests

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The late Queen was far from being superstitious, but she did not want her guests to be uncomfortable with being the 13th one. So, she always had more or less than the number, and we appreciate the thought behind it.

8. There Are No Bathroom Breaks

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It will be wrong to say that Royals don’t allow you to take bathroom breaks during meals, but it is not appreciated or encouraged. Special guests or pregnant women are excused as they don’t have much control over their bathroom schedules; otherwise, it is frowned upon.

9. When In Doubt, Follow The Monarch

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Now say you wake up to an invitation to dine with the Monarch and his family. As thrilling as the experience will be, you will need more time to practice proper dining etiquettes. So, if you feel you are getting all the rules jumbled up in your head, here is a hack. All you need to do is follow the Monarch. This way, you are likely to make fewer mistakes.

10. When The Monarch Entered The Kitchen, Everyone Stops Working

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The Monarch can enter the kitchen at their will to check on the progress of their meals. And when they do, everyone in the kitchen must stop what they are doing and wait till the Monarch steps out of the kitchen.

So now that you know all the bizarre dining rules of the British royal family, how excited are you to have a meal with them? Which of these rules surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments section!

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