7 Things Girls Who Use Perfume To Smell Good NEVER Do

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You all have to admit this — there’s something very attractive about the scent of a woman, right? Be it in our friend’s circle, at work or even in the family, there’s always this one particular woman — when she walks by, for a few seconds we gasp in the perfume-like scent, don’t we? It’s pretty much like one of those scenes that are right out of a KJO Bollywood movie where a girl walks by and everybody is left mesmerized.

So, yeah, the truth is that women who smell beautiful definitely makes head turn instantly. These are the women who love themselves; they take care of their bodies and make sure their bodies are pampered. Also, if you’ve observed, perfume speaks volumes about a woman’s sense of class and standards when it comes to choices. However, it cannot be just the perfume which makes a woman smell fantastic, right? After all, a perfume too can wear off easily after a while owing to the various odors and pollution that our bodies get exposed to.

So, what makes a woman smell good all the time? Even you have never wondered, here’s the thought behind it. We’re giving you our own theory behind the good smell of a woman. Give it a read.

  • They Stay Away From Dry Skin
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When it comes to presenting themselves to the outside world, ladies always wear the smartest cap they’ve got. The ladies know that if one has dry skin, the perfume wouldn’t last long. And, the truth is that perfume tends to linger on for the longer duration of time on the skin that is hydrated and well moisturized. The effect of the perfume lasts longer and is also stronger on such skin. Therefore, if you want your perfume to last, make sure you spray it after you’ve moisturized. Just like the ladies do!

  • They Know Where To Spray Their Perfumes
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If nomads like us were asked to spray perfume to last longer, what would we do? Probably we’d start spraying it all over our bodies, right? But women don’t do that. They get practical and real with their expensive perfumes. They don’t just spray it anywhere randomly. It’s usually the back of their knees, their wrists, the inside of their elbows, and the sides of their necks! Another important thing to note is that they don’t just rub the perfume in. They spray and allow it to settle on the skin.

  • They Shower More Than Once
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Women know the basic step of smelling good — to practice good hygiene! They make sure their homes are squeaky clean. Also, they shower at least twice a day. This not just helps them smell good, but also makes them look fresh at all times.

  • They Prepare Themselves To Ensure They Smell Good Always
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It takes work to smell good all the time. And, women are aware of this fact. Therefore, they’re always prepared to keep themselves smelling like a flower. They do this by carrying a small perfume all the time. And to fix the mouth odor, they are always carrying mints too. Smart women you see!

  • They Stay Kaput From Smelly Foods
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What came to your mind when we mentioned “smelly foods”? Onions and garlic? You’re thinking absolutely right! Women never eat these two, especially in their raw form if they want to smell good. They also prefer sticking to foods that are loaded with fewer amounts of spices. For them, clean eating is the safest bet. And, in case they end up binge eating on anything, the mints they carry help them get back to their smelling good status quo.

  • They Think Before Buying A Perfume
They Think Before Buying A Perfume
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They never buy a perfume just because its packaging is fancy and attractive. They make sure they try the different perfumes and then come to a conclusion. They don’t let the sophisticated packaging or the chic bottles of the perfume fool them. Therefore, never make the mistake of buying perfume on impulse. Always try it, analyze its smell and then go for it.

  • They Pay Attention To Their Clothes As Well
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It’s not always about the skin smelling good, even your clothes need to smell fresh. Women who smell good always keep their clothes smelling fresh too. They make it a point to wash their clothes with fabric conditioners and fresheners. Also, they leave their closets open now and then. So that the air circulates among their clothes. Closets that are closed all the time develop a distinct strong smell, which clearly isn’t pleasant.

Who thought so much effort goes into smelling good, right? All that aside, we really think that the women have hit the right notes and have figured how to smell right always. Do you know of any other ways to ensure smelling good for a longer time? Let us know in the comments below.

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