12 Important Period Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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Periods. The most dreadful time of the month.

If you go and ask any woman which time of the month she hates the most, 95% of the girls will say – periods. With the blood come severe pain (especially abdomen and back pain), bloating, and cramps. And yes, how did we miss mood swings? No matter how many times we got our periods in the past, it’s a new experience every month, and we continue to get affected by it.

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We have always been told that we should not be ashamed of periods as it is part of a natural process. But, let’s get real and just accept the truth – periods suck. Keeping all these problems in mind, did you know that there are a few hacks that can help you out during your menses and ease that suffering?

Curious to know what they are? Here are the life-saving hacks for all those girls who are menstruating.

  1. According to a recent study, you can eliminate almost all your period problems by consuming 1200 mg of calcium on a daily basis. So, eat calcium-rich foods and bid goodbye to period troubles.
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  1. Do you feel too lethargic to go out and get any work done during your periods? Start eating 50 grams of protein daily. It makes you more alert and energetic – even more than sugar!
  1. Do you have trouble sleeping at night due to menstrual pain? All you need is lavender essential oil. Pour a few drops of essential oil on your pillow before sleeping. This way, you will enjoy a good night’s sleep. This trick even helps those who face trouble sleeping at night or are chronically insomniac.
  1. If you love drinking wine, here is good news! It has been scientifically proven that drinking a glass of red wine can help you ease menstrual cramps. This is because red wine contains resveratrol that helps in reducing uterine contractions. So, have a glass of red wine, and your menstrual cramps will disappear!
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  1. Do you keep on forgetting your period dates? There are many apps available online. You can download one of them – and you need not struggle to remember the date ever again because these apps will keep track of your dates. Along with it, they also remind you two days prior to the expected date so that you can be prepared. Give these apps a try and save yourself from the stress of remembering dates.
  1. Reduce the consumption of salt 2-3 days before the expected date. This will prevent bloating.
  1. Always keep dark chocolates in your bag. Dark chocolates are rich in magnesium, and whenever you bleed heavily, you lose this important mineral. Dark chocolates give a magnesium boost to your body.
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  1. Here is an aromatherapy trick to ease your menstrual pain – take a bowl and add 2-3 drops of rose oil, two drops of sage oil, two drops of lavender oil, and a tablespoon of almond oil to it. Mix all the ingredients and then gently massage the blend on your abdominal area. It will ease your discomfort and help you in the long run.
  1. If you are a coffee lover and have the capability to down 5-6 mugs of coffee easily, you need to stop right now! This is because excessive consumpt
    ion of caffeine can make your cramps worse.
  1. Drink as much water as you can because when you lose so much fluid from your body, it is very easy to get dehydrated. It may be the reason you feel so bloated or lethargic.
  1. Whenever you are menstruating, everything down there becomes extra sensitive. Make sure you do not cause more pain by waxing down there during your period. In fact, avoid going for a waxing session 3-4 days before your expected date and save yourself from the pain.
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  1. Grab your eye mask, curl up in bed and sleep as much as you can because rest is very important while you are going through so much pain.

To discover more about it, we asked a few of our readers to share their experiences with us, and how they deal with menstrual cramps. Here’s what they had to say:

“Whenever I get cramps, I drink a glass of pineapple juice mixed with a few drops of lemon juice. It helps a lot in easing the cramps and also slows the heavy flow.” – Pooja

“I just rely on the heat from my laptop to ease my cramps. All I do is just lay my laptop on my stomach. Trust me – it really works.” – Jenny

“I have a really big sweatshirt that I wear, especially during my menses. I got a pocket sewed inside this sweatshirt. I fill that pocket with all the hand warmers and the heat produced due to it helps me a lot.” – Ileana

“Whenever I get my periods, my breasts become tender and pain a lot. To ease that pain, I gently massage my breast in a circular motion while lying on my back.” – Ankita

“Seat warmers are my BFF during my periods. Placing them on my stomach helps me a lot to deal with those nasty cramps.” – Diana

“To prevent blood from staining my clothes, I wear two pairs of panties. It really helps me.” – Kendall

“I eat a lot of green tea ice cream during my periods. I feel it’s the best medicine to deal with cramping.” – Jessica

“I wear bright and colorful clothes when I am on my periods. Otherwise, I am always worried about staining.” – Lucy

“Dark chocolates is all I need during my periods.” – Kate

We hope these hacks makes your periods bearable and pain-free.

Do you have any other hacks that help you make your periods hassle-free? Did we miss any point? If yes, do share them with us.

We hope you enjoyed reading the article. Share your views in the comments section below.

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