8 Things About Permanent Hair Straightening No One Told You

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Did you ever look at a girl with naturally straight hair and then compare it with your mismanaged curls? Well, truth be said, no one likes their own hair! The grass is always greener on the other side, and we always think the other person is enjoying maintenance-free hair. Now to come back to straight hair craving, if you are a girl who has natural curls and has experimented with a hair straightener, you must have considered permanent hair straightening at least once. We are not choosing sides of whether making a change to your hair texture is a smart decision or not, but there are many untold things about the process and aftercare that you come to know only after it’s too late. So if you had permanent hair straightening in mind, go through these facts that are brushed under the carpet, and see for yourself if you are willing to bring that kind of change in your hair.

1. It Might Cause Hair Fall

It Might Cause Hair Fall
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Permanent hair straightening uses chemicals that are not very pro-hair strengthening. Despite using the most gentle of treatments, your hairline suffers the wrath of it. Your hair is not just one type of texture, and in most cases, it is a combination of two. Hence the products used should protect your ‘baby hair’ and keep the fragile hair from falling out.

2. It Will Make Changes In Your Hair Texture

Artificially straightened hair is not as strong as natural hair. Once you get it straightened from the salon, it will look way more fragile and thin than you imagined. You have to be patient for weeks to gain volume and look normal. So, if you have been waiting for your straightened hair to look voluminous, you have to understand it is not the same texture anymore and will take a lot of time to regain its nutrition from your scalp.

3. Get It Done From A Trusted Salon

Get It Done From A Trusted Salon
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If you have decided to get your hair straightened permanently and now you are looking for salons to do it for you, you need to take time to find which ones are absolutely experienced with hair straightening. Once seated to get it done, ask them to try the chemical on a small patch of hair first before putting it on the entire hair. This way, if your hair is not compatible with the chemical, you can save it from disaster.

4. Check The Styling Tools

Check The Styling Tools
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We are not saying that hairdressers replace their tools before attending to each customer, but if they are not clean, they will only cause more damage to your hair. So make sure the hair straighteners are not old and rusty before placing your hair between them. Also, permanent hair straightening requires a lot of aftercare, so be sure to pay attention to everything your hairstylist has to say.

5. Original Hair Comes With A Cost

Original Hair Comes With A Cost
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If you are done with the straight hair look and miss your waves, you will have to get them back at the cost of shaving your head. Even though you think it’s just hair and will grow out, it takes a lot of time and patience. When your natural hair comes from the roots, it does not suit your straight at the bottom looks at all. So before you decide to walk in the saloon, make sure you give it thorough thinking.

6. Inform Your Hairdresser About Your Hair History

Inform Your Hairdresser About Your Hair History
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Just like your therapist, if you have experimented with hair coloring, curling, or any kind of hair treatment, your stylist has to be informed about that. Also, you have to tell your hairdresser if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in the straightening process. If you have sensitive skin, it is always better to do a patch test before applying it to your whole hair.

7. Say Goodbye To Curls

If you like changing your looks from straight to wavy from time to time, permanent straightening might not be the right way to go about it. There are many other treatments like keratin, anti-frizz or smoothening that will make your hair manageable and not destroy the nature of your hair. Once you get your hair straightened permanently, you will have to carry the ironed hair look for a really long time.

8. No More Hair Bounce

Yes, straightened hair looks silky and pretty, but getting it done by chemicals makes it as thin as a sheet, and it will stick to your head and fall on your shoulder. No more of the bouncy effect that naturally straight hair people enjoy.

Now that you know the truths about getting your hair straightened with chemicals, you will be able to make a wise decision. Always remember using chemicals of any kind makes your hair brittle and rough over time. Ensure you nourish your hair well and keep it away from all kinds. So, what do you feel about getting a permanent change done to your hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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