Pick A Tree To Learn Your Life Forecast For 2018

Written by Sakshi Bajpai

With every 31st December, our minds are busy thinking what the next year would be like. Now that January of 2018 is almost over, we can’t wait to know what February holds for us. Well, today we’re giving you a chance to satisfy your curiosity in the most fun way possible! Here is an incredible test based on the principles of perception that include nine different tree species. Your task entails looking through the pictures of all the trees and deciding on the one that catches your eye.

It may seem like a tough task to select one, as all trees seem appealing at first glance. However, if you look clearly, each tree radiates a different energy and emotion. If it is something you can relate to, you will find your answer.

Picked the one you most relate to? Well, let’s get started then!

1. Willow Tree

Choosing the willow tree means that you are one of the people who brightens up every place they step into. Outgoing, extroverted, and fun are some of the adjectives that describe you best. Monotonous routines bore you easily, so you are always on the lookout for something new and exciting!

The year 2018 will bring about everything you have been hoping for. It will open pathways to fresh and unfamiliar experiences – exactly what makes you feel happy and pumped! Since you are a risk taker, anything unknown and bewildering consumes you. Be ready to satisfy your adrenaline by the adventures that await you this year.

2. Chestnut Tree

Your personality is built upon the ideas of romance and optimism. You can easily be termed as a believer as you know that your dreams will come true, despite any number of obstacles on your way. You live life with a relaxed attitude of “Haters gonna hate.”

Since, you are aware of what holds the most priority, you try and focus all your energy there itself. 2018 is the year that will allow you to have a deep connection with another dreamer of your kind – someone who values love just as much as you do! This year you will cross paths with your real soulmate and they will stay in your life forever.

3. Linden Tree

You are an extremely analytical and intuitive person that people rely on. Most of your decisions are based on your gut feelings, and your sensitive nature allows you to be mindful of what others need. People who do not have a knack for details, appreciate the value you bring into their lives.

So, in 2018 you will meet someone whose personality is quite similar to yours. You will share the same interests, hobbies, and thoughts. You need to keep a lookout for this person, because he/she may turn out to be your lifelong friend!

4. Poplar Tree

Peace and solitude go hand in hand with you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you do not have fun when spending time with friends. However, there come days when you would like to enjoy reading a book by your window rather than going out for drinks. You enjoy your company, just as much as you do of others. While personal space holds a lot of importance for you, 2018 will introduce someone who will get you out of your shell.

It will allow you to be more dynamic and bring about harmony in your life. You will enjoy bearing your soul to this person and they will love every bit of it!

5. Oak Tree

You are a risk taker and always have been! For you, being brave and adventurous is the best way to live life. Your morning begins with a cup of optimism and a slice of carpe diem.

In this new year, you can expect pleasant surprises out of every new thing that you achieve. Since you are always awaiting new challenges and events, 2018 is going to give you exactly what you long for. There will be ample opportunities where you will get to satisfy your ambition and passion.

6. Cedar Tree

Your independence is your biggest asset. You are aware that you are self-sufficient and can rely on yourself for most things. If you have a goal in mind, you work hard and make sure that it is achieved when and how you want to. This new year has just got that push that you need.

Staying consistent with what you believe in and having confidence in your mettle is all you need to achieve success this new year – the rest will pan out! With 2018, you can expect the kind of appreciation and financial prosperity you have always wanted in your workplace.

7. Maple Tree

You are a highly sensitive person. You spend a good amount of time thinking about the world and yourself. Compassion, humility, and kindness are some of the biggest qualities that drive you.

This year you can expect the entrance of a person who you will be romantically involved with. You both will establish a deep, meaningful connection that will fill your life with adventure. Prepare yourself for this incredible union that awaits you!

8. Elm Tree

You can be termed as a rational and balanced person. You give new meaning to the word ‘stable.’ This drives people to confide in you and make you their confidant. Though you are sensitive, you don’t exhibit that trait to people.

This makes it difficult to develop a relationship with anyone from the opposite sex. But, 2018 will change that! Someone who appreciates your rare qualities and appreciates you for who you are will enter your life, making you realize the power of being good to others.

9. Birch Tree

If you chose this tree, you must be a self-confident person. You manage to be in control of your life and rely heavily on your abilities. You don’t believe in luck and work hard for everything you have achieved. Thanks to this amazing stamina and sensibility, someone will recognize your real strength and get you a promotion!

This will be a real result of whatever efforts you have put into your work in the past. Be ready to make all your dreams come true in 2018!

We hope you find what you’ve been looking for in 2018. Let us know what you think about the article in the comments below!

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