6 Places You Should Never Forget While Applying Sunscreen

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You must have read a hundred articles by now that vouch for sunscreen being an unskippable part of your skincare routine. Of course, it is, and there is no denying that. But unfortunately, not all of us can swear by applying sunscreen religiously before stepping out of our room. This is mainly due to silly misconceptions like the UV rays won’t affect you on a cloudy day, or, vitamin D won’t be absorbed by your skin if you apply sunscreen. This type of ignorance can lead to various types of skin problems. Now say you do apply sunscreen before stepping out. It will protect your skin, but only if you cover all areas that are exposed to the sun. And that includes your eyelids, lips, neck, ears, and many more areas that usually go unnoticed. Sunscreen not only prevents your skin from being damaged by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, but it also helps delay your skin’s aging process and may reduce the likelihood of developing skin cancer (1). Also, sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or greater should be used for everyday needs. Here are some not-so-obvious places that usually go unnoticed while applying sunscreen. Read on to know them all.

1. Lips

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Like the rest of our skin, lips are especially sensitive to the sun’s UV rays. When discussing topics like skin cancer, most people tend to overlook the lips. If you want to protect your lips from the sun, you may either apply a lip balm containing SPF or even just rub some of your daily sunscreens onto your lips. This will keep your lips protected from sunburns. Also, remember to touch up your sunscreen each time you have a meal or feel the sunscreen thinning out.

2. Eyelids

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It’s not only our face that requires protection from the sun; our eyelids need it, too! They are prone to premature aging, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. Many individuals stay away from this region because of the fear of getting anything in their eyes, but if you apply sunscreen properly and use the correct product, you should be safe from any kind of eye irritation. Also, don’t leave your home without your UV-protected sunglasses, either. This will keep your eyes safe when you need to go out in the sun.

3. Ears

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Ears are easy to overlook when applying any kind of skin care product, and we are sure you know this from experience. If you manage to put your hair in a cap, your ears are still exposed to the sun. But once you realize the kind of harm you are putting on your ears, you will surely care for the skin on your ear too. Massage the sunscreen to ensure you cover the crevices, and even behind the ears.

4. Feet And Hands

Feet And Hands
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If you aren’t wearing gloves or shoes, the tops of your feet and fingers are constantly exposed to UV rays. So if you plan on spending time outside, don’t forget to protect the top of your feet with sunscreen. If you’re exposed to the sun for too long, you could get wrinkles and age spots. It’s also possible for malignant diseases to spread if you are not careful. If you plan on being out all day, give your hands and feet a good rubbing of sunscreen with an SPF above 30.

5. Neck

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The neck, being both an exposed and vitally crucial part, must be adequately coated in sunscreen before you step out. Exposure to sunlight can cause lines and wrinkles to appear on the skin which is the first sign of aging. So you need to give a lot of attention to your neck and never step out without coating it completely with sunscreen.

6. Hair

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UV rays can damage your hair and make it look faded, and if you apply sunscreen on your hair, it will look oily. So the perfect way to protect your hair is to wear a hat or a scarf each time you step out of the house. It should always be a staple in your purse so you can keep your hair protected from sun rays, wind, and even dust just by tying your hair and shielding it with a scarf or a hat.

So now that you know how harmful UV rays of the sun are for your skin, you should invest in good sunscreen right away and make sure you never leave the bedroom without it. Also, it does not mean that you stay indoors for fear of getting skin problems. Vitamin D is essential for your health and you need to let that soak in while SPF is applied on your skin so it does not harm your skin. So, what is your favorite skincare routine to incorporate sunscreen? Let us know in the comments section!

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