10 Popular Fashion Trends That Make Us Cringe

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Admit it, at least once in your lifetime, you have flaunted bellbottoms and skin-tight crop tops in the name of the latest fashion! Not to mention the broad belt and heel sneakers (yuck). Time and fashion wait for none, and if you have been following the latest trends, you will know not everything is worth following! Even if it might seem like the perfect style statement now, it will slowly fade out and make you wonder why you owned it in the first place. So if you own buckled jeans, glitter eyeshadow, and tees with random celebrities on them and regret it, you should know that you are not alone. We at Stylecraze made a list of popular fashion trends that will make you cringe to your heart’s content!

1. Turtle Neck Mask

Turtle Neck Mask
Image: Twitter

We understand the panic when you walk out of your home and forget to put on a mask, but the solution is not to get it attached to your dress! As prevalent as the fashion is, we are concerned about how thick and protective the material is and if you can breathe safely through that. Also, it must get scorching in there! So if you plan on trying it out, we suggest you keep a surgical mask handy, just in case!

2. Arm Warmers

Arm Warmers
Image: Twitter

We appreciate the latest fashion trends, but some are definitely worth questioning. For example, when you look at this oversized arm warmer, you will know that the only area of your body that it keeps warm is your neck and sleeves. So in case you want to get winter clothes, please save separately for the arm warmers and the rest of your torso!

3. Cringe T-shirts

Cringe T-shirts
Image: Twitter

Shirts with witty captions printed on them are very much in demand, and we strongly feel they represent your personality. But T-shirts in those days did not have clever captions. They had weird cringe-worthy captions that embarrassed us to the core. Thankfully we got over that trend!

4. Denim Shoes

Denim Shoes
Image: Twitter

We can tolerate them in jackets or shorts, but shoes? Sadly, they exist! It’s weird that the fashion industry went heads over heels in love with them and used them from heels to flip-flops. We like them in sneakers, but anything other than that is a huge no-no! Thankfully people have gone over them, but to think that you could own denim slippers!

5. Extremely Low Waist Pants

Extremely Low Waist Pants
Image: Twitter

We have all owned or wished we owned one that time! In total contrast to high waist pants, the fashion dictated that the lower your pants originate, the cooler you look. Thankfully we have rejected that style for good, and honestly lower the waist, the more you need to flatten your tummy, and no one can keep their breath in that long! Also, imagine the risk if your keys fall off!

6. T-shirts With Random Actors

T-shirts With Random Actors
Image: Twitter

We love T-shirts; they are comfortable, cute, and can be stolen from our boyfriends! But did you ever own the ones with pictures of your favorite stars on them? Don’t worry, we all had at least one of these (now embarrassing) shirts! We sincerely wish they were better designed and had better prints so the rubber prints wouldn’t come off their face!

7. Ripped Jeans

There is a difference between ripped jeans and jeans hanging by the string! When it arrived in the trend, we sure enjoyed it. But with time, we overdid it so much that you would be confused about where to put your leg in!

8. Fur Coats


Thankfully we no more consider torturing animals a style statement, but back in those days, owning leather bags and fur coats was high-class fashion. We know fur looks good (just for looks), but there is no way anyone could voice for killing innocent animals. Faux leather and fur are readily available in the market and are much cheaper. So the next time you want to flaunt a heavy fur coat, it should be anything but real fur!

9. MC Hammer Pants

If you are new to this name, MC Hammer Pants are flabby pants worn mainly by men. All thanks to their looks, they are also known as parachute trousers. These pants were popularized by MC Hammer, who wore them during concerts. These were hugely popular a few years back, but it seems like they are no longer in fashion now. Though they are really comfortable, it wouldn’t help guys get many dates for sure!

10. Accessorizing Dogs

Remember when women dressed up and carried bags that had their cute dog in? Sadly back then we thought it was cute, but now it will only make you judge them! That poor animal is bound in a moveable bag and going to parties! We are so glad we don’t see that around anymore!

So now that you know how cringe-worthy fashion is and has been, it is never safe to follow any fashion blindly. Make sure you dress in something that makes you feel good and comfortable. Rest is a trend that keeps changing. Do you have anything in your wardrobe that you would never wear again? Let us know in the comments!

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