8 Popular Skincare Tips That May Be Bad For Your Skin

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You may have guessed by now that not all skincare routines that you have been following blindly suit you, or are good for your skin type. There are several beauty hacks that are so popular that we automatically assume they must be correct; but once you try them, you may find that they don’t work for you or may even harm your skin. Such beauty tips will make you question how you believed in them in the very first place! We compiled this list of potentially ineffective skin care recommendations to help you choose the correct ones. Read on!

1. Using A Lot Of Products On Your Skin In A Short While

Using A Lot Of Products On Your Skin In A Short While
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Everyone has seen internet skincare regimes that use a plethora of products on the face at once, each with its own specific function. Although it may appear that you are properly caring for your skin, using many products at once is unnecessary. In fact, this can lead to problems including blocked pores and dryness.

2. Treating Acne With Toothpaste

Treating Acne With Toothpaste
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While it’s true that the drying components in toothpaste, such as baking soda, might help shrink the pimple a little, the effort isn’t really worth it. While toothpaste is excellent at cleaning teeth, it is not gentle enough to use on the face and might cause rashes if you get it on your skin.

3. Not Moisturizing Oily Skin

Not Moisturizing Oily Skin
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As a person with oily skin, you may think you need a product that will strip your oily skin but, in fact, this will just make your skin even oilier. In truth, moisturizers aren’t meant to hydrate the skin by adding water but rather to retain the water already present on the skin’s surface. Since hydration is not limited to oil and fat-based products, those with oily skin can benefit from purchasing “oil-free” or “non-comedogenic” alternatives that are less prone to clogging pores.

4. Shaving Against The Grain

Shaving Against The Grain
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Ingrown hairs & razor bumps are more common while shaving against the grain because the hair is pulled away from the skin before it can be clipped. Therefore, going in the direction of the grain is the most prudent strategy.

5. Butter Heals Burns

Butter Heals Burns
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Putting butter or another oily substance on a burn is not a good idea since it prevents the skin from cooling down quickly. Using cold water is the most effective remedy in these situations. It’s also best to avoid exposing your skin to extreme colds, such as ice or ice water.

6. Not Using A Pimple Patch

Not Using A Pimple Patch
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When used properly, popping a pimple growth can hasten its disappearance by relieving pressure and releasing the material trapped inside. The moment to pop a zit is when it appears and feels somewhat bloated, signaling that the contents are ready to be expelled. However, you need to make sure your hands are washed with soap, and once you pop it, wash your face with a gentle face wash and apply an antiseptic ointment that is safe for the face in it.

7. Washing Face With Hot Water

Washing Face With Hot Water
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While a steamy bath might do wonders for your skin, a scorching hot shower can do nothing but dry it out by removing its natural protective layer. The best course of action is to monitor the temperature of the water to ensure it isn’t too hot, since the redness & dryness may still persist even if the steam is too hot.

8. Exfoliating Skin Roughly

Exfoliating Skin Roughly
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You might think that if you clean your face vigorously, all the dirt, oil, and dead skin would be removed, leaving your face clean and radiant. The skin can renew itself without the help of any external substance, thus exfoliation should be a delicate process. Excessive scrubbing is harmful to the skin and can speed up the aging process.

Here are some skincare steps you must do.

  • Wash your face with cold water at least twice a day. Warm water opens your pores, enabling dirt and oil to penetrate. So you must seal it off with cold water after cleansing it.
  • Sunscreen is absolutely necessary even if you decide to sit near a window all day. You can cover your hair with a hat or a scarf.
  • Apply all skin care products on your neck as well, as it is essentially an extension of your face.
  • A relaxing shower is an effective way to cleanse the skin of excess oil.
  • To prevent razor burn, lather up with a pre-shaving lotion, gel, or cream.
  • Skin issues might be the result of stress that goes unchecked.

Understanding your skin’s needs is crucial to figuring out what you need to repair it. Any rash or pigment that appears on your skin usually has deep-rooted causes. You must be careful as to why they are accusing you and if there is an underlying illness that needs to be checked. So which of these beauty myths are you guilty of doing? Let us know in the comments section!

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