If You Cook Potato Peels In Water, You Will Solve One Of The Biggest Problems Women Have

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White hair is considered as one of the first signs of aging. The thought of growing older scares us immensely. Unfortunately, it’s a natural process, and we cannot do anything to stop it.

A single strand of white hair is enough to send us into the panic mode. We rush to buy hair colors or dyes in order to hide it. We expose our hair to chemicals even though we are aware of their adverse effects on the hair and scalp. However, we do not have many options. And, of course, we cannot let people see our gray hair! So, is there any natural way that can put an end to our misery?


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Dr. Anthony Youn has come up with a natural way of dying hair that gives fantastic results. According to him, potato peels can darken those grays. Yes, you read that right!


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All you need to do is peel one or two potatoes so that you get a cup of potato peels. Boil the outer skin in two cups of fresh water for around 10-15 minutes. Let it cool for some time and then strain the brown colored liquid. Wash your hair as you normally do and then towel dry your hair. Now, use the liquid as a rinse on your hair, starting from the roots till the tips using a hair brush and then towel dry it. You will notice the results in no time. You can store this liquid in an old shampoo bottle for future use. Here is a video tutorial for the same.

Try this simple remedy and let us know your experience.

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