This Homemade Tea Is A Powerful Cure For Swollen Legs

This Homemade Tea Is A Powerful Cure For Swollen Legs Hyderabd040-395603080 December 12, 2017

If you are one of those women who suffer from swollen legs, you might be well aware how bad the situation can be. It is a problem that can happen to anyone, but is more common in pregnant women or the elderly.

There are a number of factors that cause swollen legs. Some of them are obesity, unhealthy lifestyle choices, pregnancy, menstrual cramps, sitting for a long time, and/or poor blood circulation.

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If you are suffering from swollen legs, the first advice you will get is to lie down flat on your back and then raise your legs to a height of about 25-30 cm. This method will definitely give you relief, but it is a temporary solution and will not help you in the long run.

What if we tell you there is an easier option that will provide relief from swollen legs? Yes, there is a natural remedy that can help you treat this problem, and guess what? You can prepare it at home, and it will help you in the long run. So, let’s learn more about this remedy and how to prepare it.

Ingredients Required

  • A cup of boiled water
  • Half cup of parsley leaves

How To Prepare

  1. Wash the parsley leaves and roots and chop them finely.
  2. Now, boil a cup of water in a bowl.
  3. Add the chopped parsley roots and leaves to the water and turn off the flame.
  4. Let it steep for around 5-10 minutes. Strain the water.

Your parsley tea is ready to drink. You can add a tablespoon of honey or 3-4 drops of lemon juice to it for flavor.

You might be wondering how parsley tea helps with swelling. Here’s how.

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We all are well aware of the fact that parsley is considered a natural diuretic as it helps in getting rid of excess salt and water in our body. It also helps in improving the functioning of kidneys.

Parsley was proved to be a natural and powerful diuretic in a study that was published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2002. They provided sufficient evidence by testing it on rats (since the basic physiology of rats and humans are same). They were offered the extract of parsley seeds to drink instead of water. The test was performed for 24 hours. It was found that they produced more urine than when they drank only water.

Scientists also believe that parsley inhibits potassium and sodium ion pumps and increases the flow of urine by facilitating the process of osmosis. It is rich in potassium and also acts as a powerful antioxidant. Parsley is rich in folic acid and vitamins A and C, and this is why it is considered as one of the top 14 foods that help in preventing cancer.

Thus, when you start drinking parsley tea, the swelling in the legs disappears quickly. Drink this thrice a day, and it will start showing results within three days of consumption.

Along with this, there are a few other methods as well that can help you treat swelling in the legs naturally. Some of them are as follows:

1. Cucumber

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Place thin slices of cucumber over the swelling and then cover it with a cloth or a loose bandage to get rid of the swelling. Cucumber’s soothing properties will help in reducing edema and the stiffness in your feet. Leave the slices on for around half an hour.

2. Epsom Salt

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This is another common remedy that has been used since ages to treat swollen legs. It contains crystals of hydrated magnesium sulfate that is very helpful in curing muscle soreness and providing immediate relief. To use Epsom salt to cure swollen feet, take a clean bucket and fill it with warm water. Add half a cup of Epsom salt to it and mix well. Soak your feet in this water for around half an hour. It will provide immediate relief. The best time to do this is at night just before going to sleep.

3. Baking Soda

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Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, baking soda helps cure a number of health-related issues, such as swollen feet. It absorbs the excess water accumulated in the feet and also promotes blood circulation. To use baking soda to cure swelling, all you need is two tablespoons of baking soda and two tablespoons of rice water. To get the rice water, boil rice for some time. Once the rice is almost cooked, strain the starchy water. Mix this water with baking soda to form a soft and smooth paste. Apply this paste to your swollen feet and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then, rinse your feet with warm water and massage with a lotion. Do it for a week, and you will see great improvement.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar is another ingredient that helps a lot in reducing swelling. Applying it to the affected area removes excess fluid build-up, thus reducing the swelling. Here’s how you can use apple cider vinegar to get rid of swollen feet. Mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar with one cup of warm water in a bowl. Now, take another bowl and mix the same quantity of apple cider vinegar with one cup of cold water. Take a clean towel and soak it in the warm water bowl. Wring the excess water out and then wrap the towel around your swollen foot. Wait till the towel becomes cold. Now, remove the towel, soak it in the cold water mix, and wrap it around your feet. Repeat this every two hours for best results.

These remedies will help you get rid of swollen legs quickly. But yes, if the situation worsens, it is always better to visit a doctor.

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