13 Pressure Points To Boost Your Metabolism And Accelerate Weight Loss

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Maintaining the correct weight is something that almost everyone struggles with. We see people doing so many things to achieve it. Being overweight can lead to stress and depression, not to forget the physical diseases that tag along.

Acupressure, an ancient technique to massage pressure points on our body, works wonderfully when it comes to achieving the correct balance. It works on the concept of energy and meridian points that are present in our body. These points are also called ‘trigger points.’ By pressing these points, the energy flows through our body in the correct way giving rise to better functioning of our organs.

Do some breathing exercise before you start with the acupressure process. Ideally, breathe in for 8 counts and breathe out for 16 counts slowly and repeat it 10 times. If this sounds complicated, then slow deep breaths would suffice too. The idea is to relax and be calm and let the oxygen flow through your body.

Here are 13 pressure points that will improve the flow of energy to the organs that affect our metabolism. This results in the proper function of the organs, which, in turn, speed up the weight loss process. Don’t worry if you don’t have the tools for this. Your fingertips and thumb serve the purpose equally well!

1. Just Above The Trapezius Muscle

This pressure point is located on you back where the neck meets the shoulder. Use downward gentle strokes on this point for a minute and then repeat the same on the other side. Do this daily.

2. Between The Nose Bridge And Eye

You will find this point in-between the nose bridge and your eye (on each side). Massage this point gently in the upward direction, towards the bridge of the nose, for one minute. Repeat for the other side.

3. Between Your Eyebrows

Take your index finger and place it gently between your eyebrows. Apply pressure to this point for some time; make sure you do not press too hard on this point. Many of us massage this point when we feel tired and we do feel quite relaxed by doing so. This is actually the wonder of acupressure and a proof that it really works!

4. On The Breastbone

This point is located right in the middle of the breastbone (also known as the sternum). Apply constant gentle upward pressure on this point for a minute, daily. This is a vital point that restores your energy and also helps in weight loss.

5. Between The Ear And The Temple

You will find this point between the ear and the temple, just beside the tragus (the small pointed eminence of the ear).

6. Abdomen

Now, this area has many trigger points, which enhance metabolism and help in losing weight. Look for a particular point that is located approximately an inch below the belly button.

7. Just Below The Chest

There are two spots located in this area. You will find these just below the chest, where your abdomen starts. This area is also called as the ‘abdominal sorrow.’ Apply pressure on these points slowly in the upward direction.

8. Elbow

This spot is on the inner side of your elbow. Massage this point with the thumb for a minute daily on both the sides.

9. Below The Knee

This trigger point is another important point that enhances the energy flow in your body when massaged daily. Repeat it daily for both the knees.

10. Ankle

There are two points on your ankle: One on the outer side and one on the inner side. These points are not only good for losing weight but for overall health benefits too. Massage for a minute daily for best results.

11. Above The Upper Lip

Gently probe the area above your upper lip just below the nose. You will find a slight dip and this is where our next point is. Slowly massage in a downward direction for one minute.

12. Hands

This point is located on the outer side of your hand. Feel this area with your fingers and locate this point near the point where the thumb bone joins the index finger bone. The pressure point is just above this juncture.

13. Feet

There are a number of trigger points located on the sole of your feet. These points are important for your overall health and especially for better metabolism. Please refer to the image for locating these points.

Massaging these points will strengthen the digestive system and enhance the metabolism. The energy will flow freely throughout the body, which will improve the circulation.

Now, we know that it is difficult to locate some of these points and we would suggest that you refer to the images or get an acupressure point chart when you begin with the routine. Do this exercise daily to get the desired result. Also, apply pressure in the direction mentioned for some trigger points, whether upwards or downwards. Many of the trigger points are also stress-relievers and can be massaged for calming yourself.

Please note that having a balanced diet and adequate exercise is a must to maintain one’s weight and improve the metabolism of one’s body. If you find that you are still struggling with your weight even after eating healthy, exercising, and using acupressure, please consult your doctor.

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