10 Styling Tips For Fine Hair That Hairstylists Want You To Know

Written by Niharika Nayak

Having flat, fine hair may seem like it is easy to style, but plenty of others will tell you that it is difficult to hold any curls or add natural volume. Let’s face it; nobody wants to be stuck with hair that is limp and droopy after the end of a long day. If you are someone with fine, straight hair, you are probably well-acquainted with your hairdryer and don’t really need an introduction to that. However, there are plenty of hairstylists out there who are more than happy to give you some valuable tips to make your hair look bouncy and wavy and stay that way for longer. So we’ve decided to jot down some vital styling tips for you. Read on to know more:

1. Make Use Of A Clarifying Shampoo

Make Use Of A Clarifying Shampoo


One of the biggest causes of limp hair is product buildup. This makes everything more droopy. Using a once-a-week clarifying shampoo can help rid your hair of impurities. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo at least once a week, as this will help get rid of any product building and impurities without stripping off hair color.

2. Try A Rich Hair Color

Try A Rich Hair Color


You should understand that adding dimension and depth isn’t just about changing the hue or color of your hair. If you have thinning or fine hair, there are chances that you have plenty of baby hair. To give others the illusion of thick hair, you should choose a richer color to deepen your baby hair. If you have dark black hair, consider going a few shades lighter, as it will make a significant difference.

3. Set Your Hair With Velcro Rollers

Set Your Hair With Velcro Rollers


It’s suggested that you section off certain bits of your hair at the crow, blow dry them individually, and roll your hair in Velcro curlers. Make sure you use a cooler setting on your dryer to set the style. Finish things off with a texturizing spray, as this will help the style last a bit longer. All you will need to do is massage your scalp and vamp up your hair.

4. Make Sure To Invest In A Dry Shampoo

Make Sure To Invest In A Dry Shampoo


Dry shampoo should be considered your best friend. These products are the best available for women who have more delicate hair. It gives you long-lasting volume and is more suited for your hair than hairspray. This will help make your hair look less greasy and more thick hence adding to the illusion of more voluminous hair.

5. Add Texture To Your Hair Through Highlights

Add Texture To Your Hair Through Highlights


One of the best ways to add volume and texture to fine hair is to add highlights to your hair. Adding highlights to your hair is a way of making some parts of your hair thicker and also disrupts the cuticle. This is the same reason that causes highlights to weaken hair and makes them require a little more TLC than other textures. You should be fine as long as you aren’t highlighting your hair every month. If you are worried about damage caused by the chemicals in hair colors, consider asking your stylist if they can use henna (if you want the color brown).

6. Backcomb Your Hair At The Crown To Add Volume

Backcomb Your Hair At The Crown To Add Volume


Backcombing your hair with a fine-toothed comb can work wonders and make your hair look thick and healthy. All you need to do is lift your hair in small sections before backcombing each section individually and spraying it with dry shampoo to keep things in place.

7. Avoid Shampooing Too Often

Avoid Shampooing Too Often


We’re sure the idea of shampooing your hair less often is pretty scary if you’re someone with fine or greasy hair, but hear us out. When you shampoo daily, your scalp will produce more oil to make up for the natural sebum that it is losing. Shampoo your hair three times a week at the max, as this will let your scalp produce the required amount of oil.

8. Add Clip-On Extensions To Increase Hair Volume

Add Clip-On Extensions To Increase Hair Volume


A great way to add volume to your hair is by wearing hair extensions. They are suitable for adding length to your hair and for giving the appearance of thicker hair, depending on where you place them. These types of extensions are great to add length and play around with more of a dramatic hairstyle. The best way to make your hair look more natural and seamless is to take them to a hairstylist and ask them to help match the color and trim it to the correct length.

9. Pay Attention To The Shape Of Your Face And Jaw While Choosing A Haircut

Pay Attention To The Shape Of Your Face And Jaw While Choosing A Haircut


It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have; layering your hair to suit your face shape and hair color is essential to achieve a more flattering look. For flat, thin hair, anything should length is good as it creates a look of fullness.

10. Consider More Angular Haircuts Like Bobs, Or Face Framing Hair

Consider More Angular Haircuts Like Bobs, Or Face Framing Hair


Blunt haircuts will help create the illusion of hair that is much thicker than it naturally is. A majority of the time, shorter and more blunt haircuts prove to help your thin hair look much fuller. If you are looking for inspiration, one of the best people to look at is January Jones.

At the end of the day, an essential thing that one should keep in mind is having a healthy scalp. It is essential and great for your scalp. Whether you have fine hair or are experiencing hair thinning, taking care of your scalp will help keep your locks thick and healthy. Treat your scalp like you would your skin, and don’t overwash it too much. Do let us know if any of the tips we’ve mentioned in this article were of help to you.

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