9 Proper Etiquettes That Many People Don’t Know About

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We know, reading up all the table manners, and trying to remember them all in time can be taxing. However, not all of them will be needed in our day to day lives. Simple etiquettes like using polite words, not hurting anyone’s sentiments, or abiding by basic chivalry are pretty good for being orderly in our own way. But, as you must have guessed by now, there is more to it. The good news is, once you know it, they are relatively simple to follow. Here in this article are some excellent etiquette tips you need to follow to appear poised and polished in public. Read on to know them all.

1. Use Fork And Knife To Eat A Banana

Use Fork And Knife To Eat A Banana
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Eating a banana shouldn’t have to feel like a task, and it isn’t. However, how you eat it is the question. The right way to do it is to place the banana onto a plate and peel it with a knife. Once the peel is out, cut it into bite-sized pieces that can be devoured with the help of a fork. You shouldn’t do it with your bare hands if you’re eating a banana in public. Simply slice the pieces with a fork one at a time and eat them.

2. Don’t Roll Your Spaghetti With A Spoon

Don't Roll Your Spaghetti With A Spoon
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It is a common practice to roll the spaghetti with a fork and then push it into a spoon for consumption, but there are better ways to do it. The method is relatively simple. Keep the spoon away. All you need to do is roll the spaghetti with the fork and put it directly in your mouth.

3. Sugar Should Be Stirred Properly

Sugar Should Be Stirred Properly
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You must have heard that stirring sugar in tea must be done without making any noise. However, once you try it, it is challenging as the spoon is bound to clink with the cup walls. The trick is, however, in how you stir the spoon. If you revolve the spoon, there will be noise despite your best efforts. Still, the noise can be controlled if you move in the direction from left to right. You no longer have to worry about gathering unwanted attention while you serve tea.

4. Place The Sauce On Your Own Plate When Eating With Someone

Place The Sauce On Your Own Plate When Eating With Someone
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If you are at a party and you are given a sauce in a bowl for dipping your snacks, don’t dunk your food in the sauce that is to be used by others as well. Instead, simply take a spoon and scoop a spoonful of the sauce onto your plate. Now you can dunk your snack in it as much as you like from your own plate.

5. Let The Food Cool Down Before Devouring It

Let The Food Cool Down Before Devouring It
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We know the struggle of waiting for your food to cool down to devour it, especially when it looks so delicious. But taking a mouthful and blowing air out is obviously not the most elite way of dining. Neither is picking a spoonful and going ‘foo foo’ on it to cool down. So even when it seems irresistible, wait for your food to cool down before taking a bite.

6. Wait Until Everyone Has Their Food Served

Wait Until Everyone Has Their Food Served
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If your tablemates still don’t have their food served, please wait before digging in your plate. No matter how tempting it may seem, you must wait until the meal is served for everyone before you may eat. The same goes for leaving the table as well. Again, you must wait until everyone is done with their food to move out.

7. Don’t Talk On The Phone While Waiting In A Line

Don't Talk On The Phone While Waiting In A Line
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Using the phone in lines, cafés, or theaters shows poor manners. You can tell the person you’re talking to that you’ll get back to them as soon as you’re done with what you’re doing. If it is an emergency, you need to keep it short and talk in a low tone, so no one else is disturbed by your call.

8. Take Your Hat Off Indoors

Take Your Hat Off Indoors
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There is no harm in wearing a hat in public venues and on the street. This includes public transportation, including airports, train stations, elevators, and escalators. However, a beach hat

is inappropriate for the workplace and social occasions. Therefore, as a general rule, take off your hat once you are inside a building.

9. Don’t Talk About Everything

Don't Talk About Everything
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Admonishing someone for something they have no control over is impolite. It’s not respectful to tell someone they have hair on their mole. Possibly they are already conscious of it.

These etiquettes seem like nothing, but they do impact how people view you as a person. When you doubt any manners or etiquette, you can always read up on it. Which of these rules were you aware of? Let us know in the comments section!

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