How To Protect Yourself From Being Overwhelmed By Other People’s Negative Energy

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Empathic people are like emotional sponges. They are sensitive to the energy around them, and this tendency heightens when they are in a crowd. When the energy is uplifting, empaths feel good; they are calm and at peace. Negative energy, though, can drain them and leave them feeling exhausted. Sensitive souls tend to absorb disturbing energy from others around them, more often than not, inadvertently. They feel depressed, tired, and anxious. And when they are back in their personal space, they crave quiet.

If empaths wish to enjoy and find balance, there are a few ways to do so. If this sounds familiar to you, chances are, you could be feeding off other people’s energy and draining your own. Looking for solutions? Here’s how you can cultivate the capacity to avoid feeling overwhelmed by other people’s negative energy:

1. Maintain A Healthy Distance

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If you are around an energy vampire or around sources that disturb your peace, walk away from them. When possible, move a considerable distance away from them and check if this gives you relief. At a gathering, try to avoid those that make you feel uneasy. The farther you are, the less likely it is to feel empathy. How do you recognize it? Passive aggressive or sarcastic behavior can make anyone upset. Especially if you are highly empathetic. You can simply make an excuse and slip out of the zone where the person is standing. Engage with people with whom you feel comfortable instead. Just because someone is talking politely and including unwarranted gossips or negative talk, it doesn’t mean it is not hurtful. So choose your people wisely.

2. Meditate Everyday

Meditate Everyday
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We get it. Meditating is not everyone’s cup of tea. But it can be a great escape from people who feed negativity into your head. It helps you detox and calm your mind as well as your body muscles. If other people’s energy overwhelms you, it’s an excellent practice to center yourself and find your peace inside. If anxiety and distress sap your strength and control over yourself, act quickly, find a quiet space, and focus all your energy on looking at the bright side of things. It is not only about closing your eyes with your legs crossed. Listening to calming music can be a form of meditation too.

3. Set Your Boundaries

Set Your Boundaries
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If the energy of others depletes you, consider cultivating the courage to say “No”. Set clear limits and cut off people if they become too demanding or ask you for favors that do not serve you well. When people get too critical or mean, they tend to fill you with pain and bad thoughts. So, be firm and politely deny random requests and demands.

Some people may find it hard to refuse others for the sake of them feeling bad about being refused a favor. But it is important to realize that you can only take so much on your plate, whether it is in a physical capacity or mental capacity. For people who tend to act differently and don’t understand why you said no, it is best to tackle by ignoring them altogether to maintain your peace of mind.

4. Imagine A Protective Shield Around Yourself

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It is a great technique to visualize a protective white light around you to heal from difficult emotions and fears. The power of positive visualization is immense. With toxic people, it can feel burdensome as the energy can trigger feelings of weakness. So, every time you find someone who wears you down, immediately think of your angel guides keeping a close watch over you. It’ll infuse a sense of security and protection.

5. Devise A Good Plan Of Action

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When you feel a sense of relief and calm around you, plan out ways to counter the negative situation. Write a list of circumstances that emotionally rattle you. Formulate a good plan of action to honor your needs when you confront such unwanted energies. Having a concrete plan ahead of time will help you stay prepared to avoid fumbling or feeling disoriented in the heat of the moment. Breathe to regulate your emotions. Practice breathwork and reset your feelings. It will help you rewire your thoughts and be truly present in reality.

6. Take A Bath

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This could seem trivial, but water has great cleansing properties. If you’ve been around people who sap you of your strength, take a shower or soak in a bathtub. Water can help you detox and keep you feeling rejuvenated. If you take a bath before bedtime, you will notice how restful you’ll feel. So, take a shower or soak yourself in the goodness of luxurious bath salts. You’ll sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed and recharged.

7. Cut Off From Negativity For Good

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While you may fear offending people, giving in to those who do not harbor well-meaning intentions can leave you feeling unworthy. Decide to put an end to negativity out of your life, once and for all. Have some clarity on what you’re okay putting up with and what you want. There is a threshold of tolerance for every individual and when it’s tested, remind yourself that you won’t respond or buy into the negative mindset. Cut them off for good and move your way.

8. Do What Serves You The Best

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While you may be tempted to lash out at people or give them a piece of your mind when they spill their negativity on you, walk away instead. Rather than trying to correct them, simply give them the cold shoulder. Ignore their existence and act like they don’t matter to you, let alone what they say or do to pull you down. It’s not your job to school them. Stick to how you think is the best way to counter them, but it’s always better to let it be. They won’t change. So, you do you!

9. Become A Positive Influence

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While you can’t go around changing people’s opinions, become so fantabulously positive that their negativity cannot tarnish your aura. Shift the focus away and speak about things that make people smile. Share joys and support people by motivating them. You’ll, of course, feel the hindrances but become the source of happiness and strength. It will keep you immune from petty people who dump their negative energy onto you. If people know for a fact that you are all about positive vibes and don’t entertain any negativity in your life, they will approach you with a more positive attitude.

Today’s world demands that we keep ourselves busy at work or in other social settings. But this also means that we are coerced to surround ourselves with people, both good and bad. Take frequent breaks at your workplace and even when you’re at a social gathering or an event. This should help you rewire yourself constantly and safeguard your sensitivities. How do you counter negative energy in your day-to-day life? What is your plan of action to counter complex energies? Do share your stories with us in the comments below!

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