10 Psychological Tricks for Job Interviews That Can Make Recruiters Fight for You

by Bency Sebastian

If first impressions are important, it matters the most at a job interview. It is the one place that you have to use all your skills in a short time span to convince the recruiter that you are the best candidate for the job. Apart from basic requisites of a job like your experience and qualification, the other things that a recruiter looks at are your level of confidence, how you speak, your body language and several other things. We understand how stressful job interviews can get because it is not just your CV that plays a role in getting you hired but also your soft skills. So today we are here with a few tricks that you can use to impress your recruiter and land that dream job that you want.

1. Refrain From Scheduling An Interview On Monday Or Friday


You might wonder why it matters when the day of the interview is. Well, psychologists say that the perfect day for an interview is on a Tuesday between 10am to 3pm. This is because Monday blues are a real thing and even your recruiters feel it and Friday is just too close to the weekend which means your recruiter is quite distracted thinking about their weekend plans. The best chance to impress your employer is sometime midweek but not too early in the morning.

2. Your Legs


It is no news that clothes make a last first impression. Not just the kind of attire you wear but also the color you choose determines how much of an impression you can make. Apart from clothes, the way you choose to sit also changes an interviewer’s perception of you. A woman with open legs is not taken seriously and hence we recommend that you cross your legs while you sit. Another observation is that women who wear heels tend to look more professional than those who don’t.

3. Find Common Ground


Many people say that we should be ourselves in an interview but if you’re smart you know that that’s not the case. Everything you say in an interview is polished and said to impress the recruiter. It is easier for recruiters to trust you if they find a commonality between you and them. It could be anything and we call it the similarity attraction. Right from a hobby, passion, taste in music or even a future goal for the company, the similarity attraction gets you brownie points even if you are not the ideal candidate.

4. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid


There are some words that you have to steer clear of. Employers perceive them as big red flags and it is better to be careful about the kind of things you say and the words you use. Psychologists conducted a study which proved that certain words such as “like” or hesitation ends up reducing the chance of getting the job. However, it was observed that younger employers are not as picky with your vocabulary.

5. Smile, But Not Too Much


You might think that a wide smile makes you look friendly. But in reality, recruiters do not like people who have a wide smile simply because they believe that these people are less serious. A pleasant smile while greeting your employer works well but a broad wide smile can send them the wrong message.

6. Outside The CV


Recruiters go through several profiles and see all the job seekers as the same because they are. Most employees answer questions that they think the employer wants to hear and this works well. However, if you want an edge over your competition, there is one way that can help you capture your employer’s attention. It is perceived as great self-confidence when you step out of the ordinary and say, “Let me tell you something that is not on my CV”. It catches them off guard and you now seem interesting.

7. Talking Technique


A recruiter is looking for a smart and valuable employee that is out of the ordinary. While they like it when you listen to them, what works as an added advantage is when you listen, nod and add something relevant to the conversation. Psychologists call this reflective listening. If you master this technique, recruiters will fight to keep you in their company.

8. Provocative Photo


As much as this makes you uncomfortable, it has been observed that women who show a little skin in their photo get jobs more than the others. Of course this does not mean that you go too far but it means that you show just enough skin so that it plays on the employer’s psychology (Quite disappointing, right ladies?). Also, dressing up in style while maintaining the formal tone of the attire makes you look smarter.

9. The Facial Triangle


There is an area on the face that people focus on during a conversation subconsciously. It is the triangle of the eyes, nose and lips. A little bit of makeup and relaxed facial muscles goes a long way. However, steer clear of too much makeup as it can divert the recruiter’s attention from important information.

10. Pre-Interview Matters


What this means is that you are most likely being watched when you are waiting your turn for the interview. Recruiters do not prefer candidates who talk on their phones or drink coffee before an interview. The best thing to do to impress them is to read a magazine or chat with the people around you.

Have you ever wondered why you did not get a certain job even though the interview went well? It was probably one of these things that happened even without your knowledge. Do let us know what you think of these tricks in the comments below.

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