10 Qualities Of Strong Women That Men Can’t Handle

By Chandrama Deshmukh

What defines a ‘strong’ woman? Don’t picture some Amazonian warrior princess, like Wonder Woman or (rather more grounded in reality) some Olympic weightlifter or MMA fighter. That isn’t the only brand of strength in a woman.

We’re talking about that woman. Yes, that very one. You know her. She could be your pesky sister, stubborn mother, obstinate friend, resolute teacher or maybe… even yourself.

A strong woman is one who has taken quite a few hard knocks from life and still comes up fighting. She has had to make sacrifices and difficult choices till she was forged into the woman you know today – fearless but not foolish, kind-hearted but not gullible, and an overall loyal, self-sufficient, and courageous Ms. Independent. However, most of these sterling qualities can sometimes be difficult for the men in her life to keep up with.

Here are 10 such qualities possessed by strong women that can be hard for men to handle:

1. She’s Her Own Knight In Shining Armor

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Life may sometimes make her a damsel in distress but rest assured she can ride her own white horse, right alongside her man’s. A strong woman possesses such resilience that not only can she fight her own struggles, she can also help her man fight his. She sees him as her equal. She may be selfless and loving, but she’s no pushover.

2. She Knows What She Likes

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A strong woman knows what she likes, the price she will need to pay, and if it’s actually worth it.  This could be her life ambition, her choice to chase the man she wants, or even just to be a better version of herself. When it comes to her work, she needs nobody’s help. This can be rather intimidating for her loved ones because they’re usually at a loss, always wondering how to help heras she does her own helping.

3. She Respects Vulnerability

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A strong woman is deeply aware of her inner state as well as that of others. She will not hesitate to question herself and those around her and initiate tough conversations about growing up, past scars, and your epiphanies. She does not fear her vulnerabilities and expects the same from her man. Rest assured that there would be no condescension. This is how she knows you’re the man she needs by her side to get through life’s storms.

4. She Isn’t Ashamed of Her Desires

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She’s reached the point in life where she’s comfortable in her skin. She isn’t afraid of intimacy, and if she loves somebody, she will have no qualms about expressing it.

5. She Is A Darned Good Sherlock

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A strong woman prizes honesty, and her trust is only bestowed upon those she deems worthy. So, forget about lying about your emotions, delivering promises you don’t hope to keep or sugar coating anything for her, she can see right through your lies, like Sherlock. And if you’re not honest, you’ll soon be old news.

6. She Needs Respect And Reliability

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She’s well aware of her worth and doesn’t appreciate hypocrisy. She won’t be played with, and if you disrespect her, she’ll put you in your place. What she wants is a man who isn’t afraid to let her take the lead or judge her, for, she will do the same for him.

7. She Can Be Intimidating

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While fighting her demons, her intensity can be hard to handle at times. When it comes to her views, her feelings, and her scars – she wears them all with pride and expects the same from her man. She doesn’t hide.

8. She Loves And Respects Herself

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Most importantly, she’s well aware of her worth. If she loves you, she can go through hell for you. But, if you don’t treat her right, sorry, Shawn Mendes, she can treat herself better. She may hurt when she lets you go, but she can lick her wounds and pull herself back up, ready to find someone more worthy of her heart.

9. She Loves With A Selflessness

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Her love is profoundly faithful and nurturing – something that is rare and difficult to match. She needs the same depth and intensity of love from her man and will sacrifice anything to support, love, and fight for him. Such unconditional love can scare away lesser men.

10. She Will Show You Your Today And Your Tomorrow

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A woman like this will be in your face. She will scrutinize you and discover all of you despite your best efforts to hide. She will uncover strengths and weaknesses that were unknown to you and tell you, with all her love, who you are and who you could be. She will know how amazing you are and want to guide you through your mistakes to achieve your true potential. This power she possesses is awe-inspiring, but it can also be very daunting for men to handle.

A strong woman with this level of honesty, passion, decisiveness, and resilience will settle for nothing less than a strong man. So, rest assured, if you’re anybody different, you’re free to go for this woman who is fully capable of living a full and happy life and flying solo as well!

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