9 Questions You Must Ask Each Other Before You Move In Together

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Moving in with your partner is a significant step to take in your relationship. It shows a vital sign of commitment in a relationship and can really change how the relationship functions. While Hollywood films might make it look like a piece of cake, it is not always sunshine and rainbows. It takes some time for two individuals to adjust to each other’s routines. This is why you need to do adequate research, sit down and discuss the next few years of your relationship and life with your partner before you decide to move in:

1. Why Are We Moving In Together?

Why Are We Moving In Together
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While it might sound a little obvious to you, it’s vital that you have an open conversation regarding the reason why you should take this big step. Are you taking this decision to save on rent money or in order to make your relationship official? You need to ensure that there’s no confusion about the intentions before you do so.

2. How Serious Is Our Relationship?

How Serious Is Our Relationship
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You might have begun your relationship with a go-with-the-flow approach, but this is when things start to get serious—deciding to share your address with your partner and commit to being together even for a rental duration of eleven months is a big step. You need to be clear if this live-in relationship is just going to be a trial for you or if you’re going to get married to one another eventually.

3. How Will We Budget And Manage Finances?

How Will We Budget And Manage Finances
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Before you and your partner decide to move in together, it’s crucial that you discuss and set aside a budget. We admit that the conversation about money can be challenging, but it’s the most important one that you should have. Talking about finances from the get-go will reduce your chances of creating a mess later on. Hence, it is essential that you set aside a realistic budget and decide how much each individual would contribute to the expenses.

4. How Will The Responsibilities Be Divided?

How Will The Responsibilities Be Divided
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Just like discussions related to money, it is crucial that you discuss the expectations and responsibilities each of you will be taking on, who will handle washing the dishes, or who will shop for groceries. It would help if you were crystal clear about how you will be splitting the household chores before you move in together.

5. How Will We Deal With Conflicts And Arguments?

How Will We Deal With Conflicts And Arguments
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Daily conflicts and arguments are a normal part of life. Earlier, it used to be easy to fight, take some time apart and rekindle as you weren’t living together, but now you cannot run away from the conflict. Now you will be stuck together under one roof and hence will have to find a way to communicate with one another and resolve the issue.

6. What Will Our Daily Schedule Look Like?

What Will Our Daily Schedule Look Like
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Are you a night owl but an early bird? Is your partner neat and well arranged, and you’re a little more messy and untidy? Does your partner like to throw their towel on the bed when they finish their shower? You will have to learn every single thing about your partner’s schedule and adjust around them. It’s essential that you clarify their schedule before you decide to call in packers and movers.

7. Are We Going To Adopt Pets?

Are We Going To Adopt Pets
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Adopting a pet animal is no easy feat. It will require love, time, effort, and most importantly, money to raise a pet. It’s essential that you understand how your partner feels about adopting pets before you decide to adopt one. Only once you and your partner have decided to make this commitment should you adopt pets.

8. What Are Your Long-Term Career And Life Goals?

What Are Your Long-Term Career And Life Goals
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While both of you might have entirely different expectations from life, it’s crucial that at least some of your goals align. For example, you might want to buy your first house by 30 but your partner might want to go on a world tour at that age. You need to ensure that you and your partner are on a similar path in life and have similar milestones.

9. What’s Going To Happen If Our Relationship Doesn’t Work Out?

What's Going To Happen If Our Relationship Doesn't Work Out
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Finally, it’s time to address the most challenging question. What will happen if things don’t work out or if you both fall out of love? Who would keep the house or the furniture if you decide to split up? Or who would keep the pet? You need to have a backup plan in case things do not work out with your partner.

Deciding to move in with your partner can be overwhelming, but as long as you are sure of your commitment to the person, it shall be a fruitful journey. It would be a good way to understand what it feels like to live with your partner before deciding to tie the knot. Do let us know all of your thoughts on this article in the comment section below!

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