6 Questions Women Have About Their Bodies… Answered!

by Shivani K

Our human bodies are nothing but a piece of art, right? While we focus on what’s going on in our hearts and minds, there’s copious amount of work that’s being done inside our body without our knowledge. Every cell has its own work to do and its own lifespan as well. The composition and the mechanism of our human body is very fascinating and even an entire lifetime wouldn’t be sufficient to understand every detail of the processes that our body engages in every day. Moreover, men and women have different anatomy and different physiological processes. Therefore, curiosity with respect to our bodies is quite natural. And women, especially, have a copious number of questions, doubts, and confusion in their minds. We’ve put together a list of some of those questions that always ring in our heads w.r.t. to a woman’s body and yes, we’ve even got the answers to them. Read on.

Q1. Is It Normal To Have Hair Growing On Your Upper Lip And Cheeks?


Answer: Absolutely! It is very much normal. Women do have hair on their upper lip and cheeks; some of them have hair on their forehead and chin as well — all this can be grouped under facial hair. While this is absolutely normal, the reason behind this is the hormonal composition of a woman’s body and it varies from one woman to another. This is why some women have finer facial and body hair whereas others have thicker, coarser hair. Whether you want to get rid of them or not, depends solely on you. However, we think that every woman out there needs to be confident and proud of her body, with or without hair!

Q2. Is It True That Women Play With Themselves?


Answer: Yes, of course, they do! Women touch themselves to derive pleasure. As much as the world is aware of the fact that men most of the time end up satisfying their intimate needs on their own, women also do it. The only difference is that somehow, when it comes to physical satisfaction of a woman, the discussion and acceptance of its facts is still a taboo. But ladies, if you wish to please yourself, do it!

Q3. Why Some Women Don’t Bleed After Their First Time?


Answer: The norms say that when a woman loses her V, i.e. makes love for the first time, she is supposed to bleed due to the tearing of the hymen. The hymen is a membrane that’s right at the entrance of your nether regions, so you might experience slight bleeding when it gets torn while you make love for the very first time. However, this membrane can tear apart due to a lot of other reasons as well like cycling, running, stretching, horse-riding, etc. Therefore please don’t panic if you didn’t bleed after your first time. It’s just a membrane after all, it has nothing to do with your character certificate.

Q4. How To Handle The Hair Down There?


Answer: First of all, it’s a natural thing to have hair grow down there. The only thing you need to focus on is to maintain the hygiene of your vajajay. And yes, you could opt for trimming, waxing or shaving your hair off down there — it’s your call. All we got to say here is that whichever way you take, make sure it’s a hygienic route, that’s it!

Q5. Why Are My Breasts Small? Why Is One Breast Bigger Or Smaller Than The Other One?


Answer: For the first question, well, there is no standard size of breasts all right. They come in all shapes and sizes and your genes and hormones play a big role in their size. So, embrace them the way they are and never feel embarrassed or ashamed of them.

For the second question, there isn’t any hard and fast rule that says breasts of a woman need to be identical. It is highly possible and normal to have one breast bigger or smaller than the other (1). It’s just the way your body is. You don’t need symmetry, it’s not geometry!

Q6. Is It Possible That A Woman Can Have Two Uteruses?


Answer: Yes, it’s true and this can surely happen. However, it’s a rare thing! Although there isn’t any concrete theory or explanation in records explaining why certain fetuses end up developing a double uterus, it’s not an alarming situation. You don’t have get worked up about it, a woman with a double uterus will have a very normal menstruation cycle and pregnancies as well (2).

The above questions are completely normal to ask your fellow women as well as the main men around you. As women, we do go through a lot of bodily changes and it’s our responsibility to understand the reason behind every change.


Never hesitate to clear your queries and doubts. And if you think anything is wrong with your body, always consult a doctor to get a clear picture. Do you have any such body-related questions in mind? Leave them in the comments section below.

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