10 Hysterical Pictures That Show the Quirky Relationship Sisters Have

by Shivani K

There is more than just one thing that is special when it comes to a sister-sister relationship. There are very few people who’d understand and value the journey of life other than your sibling sister, don’t you think so? And when it comes to two sisters living under the same roof, the nature of their bond oscillates constantly between love and hate. We can already picture the sisters reading this and making a smirk face in our head. For sisters, life is all about mocking each other, sharing things with each other, annoying each other, and of course, caring for each other. If you have a sister, you know that all the disdain you’d nurtured for her since childhood has only grown into a strong feeling of love with age. You both have gone through so much together, haven’t you?

Yesterday was the day when Raksha Bandhan was celebrated in India, it’s a day when the relationship between a brother and a sister is celebrated. It’s a day when the sister ties a sacred thread called Rakhi on her brother’s hand praying for his prosperous life and the brother promises his sister that he’ll protect her from all mishaps and keep her happy.

And on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan that just went by, we decided to highlight the quirky, yet beautiful relationship sisters share among each other. We all know that our sister is nothing less than the BRO for us, right? Go get your sister by the hand and enjoy this article together.

1. Mom’s Loyalty To The Younger One? Always!

How many elder sisters agree to this? This is always the case, isn’t it? Parents always expect the elder sibling to serve as the ideal child — attending school on all days, doing all the homework on your own, etc. Even on days when you’re genuinely not well, your requests always receive a “no” as the response. Whereas, when your younger one is bluffing about her health, she gets a nod instantly. Like seriously; why?

2. People Recognize You Only Because Of Your Elder Sister

Now, who said it’s only the elder sisters who have problems here, the younger ones have identity issues (much more serious alright!). Your elder sister must’ve fulfilled your parents’ wish of being the ideal daughter. To an extent that whether it was your kindergarten days or your present days as a practicing surgeon — everybody knows you as XYZ’s younger sister. ONLY!

3. The Case Of Evolution Of Love

Both of you go to your mother declaring your hatred for each other. But when it comes to expressing your love to your mother, both of you go beyond 100 percent for sure. Mother’s day or your mother’s birthday are the only days you find yourself peacefully coordinating with your sister to surprise your mother.

4. Sharing Clothes Defines Love

You’ll find even the most notorious pair of sisters who just cannot stand each other do this. They are going to either lend or borrow dresses, tops, blouses, etc. to each other.

5. Borrowing Without Permission

You will see every sister complain about this. Most of the time when you wanted to wear your favorite top to work or college, you are heartbroken! Because you realize that the top is missing and you also know how it is missing — duh! Your sister took it without asking you!

6. Your Sister Finds The Best Ways To Wake You Up

With a sister around, you don’t ever need an alarm to wake up. Also, for some, being woken up by their sister can be a nightmare owing to the most bizarre ways their sister is capable of waking them up in. Has she woken you up by banging utensils right above your ear? Yes! With loud music? Yes! By placing your pet on you? Yes yes yes!

7. She Always Takes Away The Last Piece Of Everything You Love

The urge to get your hands on the last piece of your favorite cake, the last slice of your fav pizza is always overridden by your sister. She simply snatches it. And even if you manage to save the last chocolate bar and hide it. She still figures its location and you’re miffed, yet again!

8. You Can’t Keep Calm When They Say Something About Your Sister

We’re all guilty of this, aren’t we? We feel satisfied when we complain about the tantrums our sister throws on us. We only want to complain and ease the frustration built within. If the other person agrees and adds more points to the notoriousness of your sister, you find yourself fuming and yelling that they have no right to talk that way about your sister.

9. The TV Remote Wars With Her

You might be the elder one and owing to your greater physical strength, you successfully snatch the remote from your little sister. But remember that mom always favors her, and one complaint about you to mom will instantly make you lose the remote war with her. (Rolls eyes)

10. Your Sister Encourages Your Oddities Because They Are Absolutely Okay

You love making sounds while you’re munching and eating food. While the people sitting on the next table at the restaurant might find it odd, your sister, however, joins you in the munch-and-eat session. Food always brings siblings together, doesn’t it?

Could you relate with these comic strips curated by us? What’s the most special thing about your bond with your sister? Let us know in the comments below. Also, why don’t we all wish our sisters too, a Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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