16 Quirky Valentines Day Cards For Real Lovers, Not Fake Disney Stuff

by StyleCraze

Check out her Valentine’s Day cards below, and you can buy them here.

1. …And My Only Husbeard.

2. Well, Yeah.

3. Hint, Hint.

4. I Just Had To Get It Off My Chest

5. Seriously, Just Believe Me

6. I’m Doing My Favourite Thing!

7. This Applies To Both Genders (Especially Women)

8. Settling The ‘Who Loves Who More’ Argument

9. You’re So Hot, You’re On Fire

10. For The Harry Potter Fans

11. Let’s Stay At Home And Get Pizza

12. I Feel Like This With You And Puppies

13. The Seat, However…

14. Something Something Trouser Snake

15. Aww…

16. Fate Intervenes

Pictures and the story are inspired by an article originally appeared on borpanda.com

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