Ranveer Singh Calls Nick Jonas A “Fine Gentleman” In Candid Live Chat With Priyanka Chopra Jonas

by Niharika Nayak

Priyanka Chopra Jonas recently went on a live chat with Ranveer Singh and discussed their lives as well as Ranveer’s adoration for Priyanka’s husband, Nick Jonas. The Saath Khoon Maaf actress is in the process of promoting her new memoir, Unfinished, and has been conducting candid interviews and readings with her famous friends. When Ranveer and Priyanka got on the live chat, they discussed everything from working together on Gunday to planning double dates with their respective spouses. Ranveer also has a fondness for Nick Jonas, whom he affectionately referred to as Jiju. So here’s what Priyanka had to say about their budding bromance and the times they all shared together:

Close Friends

Close Friends

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Priyanka and Ranveer have shared screen space quite often. They have played brother and sister in the film Dil Dhadakne Do and husband and wife in Bajirao Mastani. Ranveer was acquainted with Nick Jonas during Priyanka and Nick’s wedding reception in Mumbai back in the year 2018. Priyanka also teased Ranveer Singh and asked him about the time he sent Nick Jonas a personalized Nutella jar and not for her. Ranveer had this to say, “I must say he is a fine gentleman, extremely chivalrous, very, very warm. We chilled together. He is a lot of fun.”

In response to his praise for Nick Jonas, Priyanka told Ranveer that she would love to go on a double date with him and his wife, Deepika Padukone. She also joked about how Ranveer probably steals outfits from his wife’s wardrobe (who wouldn’t?). Ranveer retorted about how he had a cooler wardrobe and that it is, in fact, Deepika who likes to steal his clothes. The actress agreed with Ranveer and stated that she loves to steal clothes from her husband Nick’s wardrobe as well. Priyanka also added that she sometimes tries Nick’s clothes even before he has the chance to wear them.

Ranveer also jokes about how he was a gossip queen and always used to ask Priyanka to “spill the tea” (as the Gen-Z call it). We adore the camaraderie shared between this duo. Total goals. For those who are uninformed, Ranveer and Priyanka share an amazing history of doing films together, and Ranveer is often found engaging in humorous banter with Nick Jonas on social media. Earlier, Ranveer had left a hilarious desi comment on Nick Jonas’s workout video. Nick is a fan of Ranveer, too, and when Ranveer had posted a giveaway for World Nutella Day on his profile, Nick too left a comment. This prompted Ranveer to send the personalized Nutella jar with Nick Jonas’s photo on it to him. Referring to the package as a “special consignment”, Ranveer shared it in his story before carting the jar off to Nick. While the wonderful camaraderie shared between the three of them is definitely hilarious as it is, we would love to see Deepika join them sometime. We’re hoping those double dates work out!


Priyanka released her memoir, Unfinished, on February 9th of 2021. The memoir chronicles her life through personal essays, observations, and stories from her career of 20 years. Although Priyanka has been notoriously private about her personal life, she has opened up more recently and has been giving fans candid glimpses into her life. The book is extremely personal and will be a deep look into Priyanka’s life. She has detailed stories from her early childhood to her teenage years and, finally, her years of success in Bollywood and Hollywood. The actress has written personal anecdotes about how her brother convinced her to enter the Miss India competition so that he could have her bedroom. If only he had known that this move would propel his sister on her quest for stardom.

Priyanka has impressed us on the big screens since the 2000s, and her dazzling desi girl smile is enough to make every Indian’s heart melt. It’s no wonder that she caught the eyes of the ever handsome Nick Jonas. Priyanka details her painful journey of enduring racism, the death of her father, and being discriminated against. Her book has been reviewed to be extremely engaging, honest, full of energy, and intimate. Even if you aren’t a fan of Priyanka, it details her rise from someone with no connections in the industry to being the face of numerous brands and getting her name printed on numerous movie billboards.

Before Priyanka met Nick, she was involved with a few people from the industry. Since she is known for being notoriously private, she didn’t reveal too many details and simply wrote, “I’d get involved with a wonderful man, and we’d have a lovely time, usually for a period of years. By the end of the relationship, though, I’d have lost myself somehow. I’d be exhausted, discouraged, and disappointed, and I didn’t know how I’d gotten to such an unhappy place.”

It’s wonderful to see Priyanka doing so well in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. Considering her immense talent and acting abilities, we are always happy to see her acting in films of different languages. Do let us in on all of your thoughts about this article in the comment section below!

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