8 Reasons Why Honey Is The Hair Transforming Miracle You’ve Been Waiting For

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Ever looked at your worn-out ponytail and wished there was something that would instill gloss and thickness to it? From grandma’s secret hair care recipe to specialist recommended products, we have experimented with everything. But did you try honey for your hair? We have compiled a list of eight reasons why adding honey to your hair care routine is going to give you the results you have been dreaming of! So, are you ready for some beneficial DIY tips and why honey is a great option? Here we go!

Why Is Honey Your Best Bet For Hair Care?

Before you decide to incorporate honey into your hair care regime, here’s all the reason why it’s a great idea:

1. Seals Moisture In Your Hair

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Did you know that honey is the most natural humectant (1)? It basically means that it traps moisture and seals it in your hair shaft. The more conditioned your hair is, the lesser the chances are of breaking. It is always recommended to apply your hair cream or any honey-related product after you have given your hair a quick wash.

Pro Tip: If you are a person who does not like sticky substances dripping on their shoulder, make sure you gently apply the honey with your fingers and cover it with a shower cap.

2. Strengthens Hair Follicles

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If you have complaints of hair fall, this should do the trick! Honey works perfectly to strengthen your hair follicles and improve their hold, so your hair does not fall out easily. Using a honey mask on your scalp once a week will give you firmer and denser hair. However, keep in mind that you don’t overdo it more than two times a week. Your hair might become too rough to handle if you use it way more than it is actually required.

3. Natural Highlights

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Did you ever dream of getting highlights but refrained from the idea because it would further damage your hair? Well, time to play the guilt-free natural card! Honey contains glucose oxidase that gives a bleaching effect if allowed to sit on your hair for long. The enzyme releases hydrogen peroxide that lightens your hair strands without causing any chemical damage to your hair.

Pro Tip: If you want to lighten the color of your whole hair, mix three spoons of honey in two spoons of water and apply it gently on moist hair. Let it soak for one hour, and then wash it away.

4. Antioxidant Treat

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Honey is a powerhouse of antioxidants (2), so using it in your hair care routine will make sure your scalp is healthy and nourished while giving a bounce to your hair. Not only does it add volume but it also makes your hair look fluffy. It heals all the bruises, scabs, or abrasions that appear on your scalp. It helps keep the bacteria at bay and keeps the scalp healthy.

5. Locks The Natural Shine

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If you are skeptical about using chemical conditioners on your hair, switch to honey. It is easy to use, all-natural and gives a better luster to your hair. All you need to do is, mix two tablespoons of honey in two cups of warm water and gently rinse your hair with it after shampooing. If you are a frequent user of styling tools, honey does wonders in restoring the gloss to your hair’s shaft.

6. Contains Antiseptic And Antibacterial Properties

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If you like your scalp has turned itchy, honey is the first-hand solution. Honey contains antibacterial properties that can help you get rid of infectious scalp problems like dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis (3). It also nourishes your scalp, so you don’t have skin flaking complaints.

7. Minimizes Scalp Impurities

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Honey does more than just strengthen hair follicles; it cleans impurities away from your scalp. If you are wondering why it is a point worth mentioning, it unclogs impurities from the roots and protects your hair from falling out.

8. Stimulates Hair Growth

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Honey also helps reboot dormant hair follicles and aids speedy hair growth. If you feel your hair is losing its thickness, honey is the best way to reverse the effect and ensure dense bouncy hair (4). As it curbs dandruff from appearing and also stops dermatitis from taking over your scalp, a healthy head of hair is bound to grow faster with perfect volume and thickness.

DIY Honey Masks For Hair

Here are a few ways to use honey as a part of your hair care routine:

  •  Avocado And Honey
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Blend a ripe avocado with half a cup of honey and apply the mixture evenly to your hair. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes and rinse it with a mild shampoo.

  •  Mayonnaise And Honey
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Mix an equal measurement of honey and mayonnaise in a container and apply the paste to your hair. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes, and then shampoo your hair. Glistening and soft hair is guaranteed to show up after this routine. It is easy to make and very effective for your hair.

  •  Castor Oil And Honey
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Mix two spoons of castor oil and three drops of lemon juice in a bit of honey and mix it in a bowl. Once you have a smooth mixture, apply it on your hair shaft and let it sit for 45 minutes before washing it off with a mild shampoo.

  •  Aloe Vera And Honey
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Take two spoons of aloe vera, one spoon of honey, one spoon of olive oil, and mix it with two scoops of yogurt. Apply the hair mask all over your scalp and hair. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and then wash it with a mild shampoo.

  •  Yogurt And Honey
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Add yogurt and honey in equal proportions and blend them till you get a smooth mixture. Apply the mixture from your tips to your roots and let it sit for 15 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water.

Apart from its scrumptious use in desserts and other cuisines, it is a known fact that honey’s skincare and haircare properties are out of this world. From ancient ayurvedic practices to modern chemically-made personal care products, honey is being used as an ingredient in almost everything. These were the age-old tricks of using honey to improve your hair growth. Have you tried any one of them? Have a good hair day! Do let us know your favorite recipe in the comments section below.


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